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10 Recent Releases To Add To Your Playlist This Week (4/15/22)

Per usual, Friday is full of high-profile releases. Leading the way, stars Muni Long, Lizzo, Mychelle, Trina and Latto deliver new singles in time for the Spring. Through all of the new music that will be released this weekend, expand your music palette and check out the new singles below.

1. Muni Long – Another

Muni Long showered her man with love, basked in his affection and gave him his flowers on her platinum hit “Hrs And Hrs.” But on her new single “Another,” she sings a different tune. Muni applies some pressure on her dude and makes it clear that she’s in love but she’s also in demand. “Another” marks Muni Long’s debut single on Def Jam Recordings in association with her label Supergiant Records. The song is her first piece of new music since releasing her EP Public Displays Of Affection last November.

While we wait for news on Muni Long’s next project, listen to and watch “Another” below.

2. Lizzo – About Damn Time

Lizzo, the Grammy-winning singer/rapper is finally stepping back on the scene after dropping off “Rumors” way back in August of last year. While that one didn’t exactly set the world on fire, her new single “About Damn Time” sets it off. “About Damn Time” shows the singer doing what she does best: delivering feel-good vibes and sass with effervescent charm. She’s also announced that her album Special will arrive on July 15th.

Check out her brand new single and video right here.

3. Mychelle ft. ENNY – Forbidden Fruit

Mychelle finds herself in the midst of temptation on her latest single. The singer, songwriter and musician who hails from the Hackney borough of London continues to preview her forthcoming EP Someone Who Knows with the new song “Forbidden Fruit.” The premise of “Forbidden Fruit” is simple: all things that look good to you are not good for you, especially when it comes to relationships. The mid-tempo cut features a verse from UK rapper, singer, songwriter and Mychelle’s FAMM labelmate ENNY.

“Forbidden Fruit” is the second single following “Younger Self” taken from Mychelle’s second EP, Someone Who Knows, which itself follows her 2021 debut EP Closure. Get your fill of “Forbidden Fruit” right here.

4. Trina ft. Latto – Clap

Trina has returned with “Clap,” her energetic new collaboration with Latto. With thoroughly modern production also referencing more old-school sonics, it’s the perfect set dressing for a song between a hip-hop veteran and a rapidly ascending young star. It’s unclear if “Clap” is taken from a forthcoming project of Trina’s, but she made her return to the world of hip-hop in 2019 with her album The One. After such a lengthy previous gap between projects, it appears she won’t be absent for quite as long this time around.

Listen to “Clap” below.


After releasing his first EP COLORWAY in March 2021, singer-songwriter DESTIN CONRAD is back in the mix with his new song “UNPREDICTABLE” featuring Kiana Ledé. “UNPREDICTABLE” presents a mellow musical vibe, with subtle percussion and an understated bassline. What stands out is the addition of an instrument seldom heard in R&B: the harp. This adds a soothing quality to the music, enhanced by DESTIN and Kiana’s smooth vocals. DESTIN CONRAD and Kiana Ledé’s “UNPREDICTABLE” has the full package: meaningful, relatable lyrics; stellar musicianship; top-notch production and a quality visual that accurately depicts the song.

Get into the “UNPREDICTABLE” audio and video below.

6. Sunni Colón – JúJú & The Flowerbug

In Spring 2021, Sunni Colón released his single “Provide,” a lush, beautiful love song that wore its influences on its sleeve yet still seemed fresh and new in an R&B landscape obsessed with “vibe.” We were left to speculate what his upcoming EP would sound like based on its example. Now, nearly a year later, the singer-songwriter brings us his fully realized project JúJú & The Flowerbug to bask in. At 10 tracks, JúJú & The Flowerbug teeters between EP and album.

Stream the EP, JúJú & The Flowerbug here now.

7. Bobby Earth – Cherry

Bobby Earth has been a busy boy as of late while preparing to finally give us his upcoming album Party At The Ivory Tower. He released his single “One Thing” at the top of the year, digging deeper into his take on modern soul. Bobby continues to give us more of where that came from with his newest track “Cherry.” As is the case most times, “Cherry” isn’t talking about the fruit. Instead, Bobby uses it as an allusion to a woman who he wants to give all of his love and affection. The song sets off on a romantic guitar riff as knocking drums keep the idyllic pace.

“Cherry” is an undeniable cut and one that will have us swaying to its tune all spring. Get into the song when you press play and stick around to watch the dreamy music video.

8. Chlöe – Treat Me

Chlöe caused quite the ruckus with her debut solo single “Have Mercy” and its wild video. The effort left a mark and she promoted it with a slate of memorable performances that had her name in everyone’s mouth. Now the singer is back on the scene hoping to cause the same stir with her second single “Treat Me.” “Treat Me” finds the songstress asserting how she likes to be pampered while expressing in no uncertain terms that anything less will not be tolerated.

The singer has intimated that she’s put the finishing touches on her debut album, and we are left still without a date with that revelation. While we wait on that information with bated breath, get into “Treat Me” in both audio and visual form below.

9. Davion Farris – Bad Guy

If you haven’t gotten a feel for Davion Farris and his infallible style of R&B, his new single “Bad Guy” makes up for any lost time. Fused with smooth and mellow guitar licks, lush keys, and his suave vocals, Farris explores an angle of heartbreak that doesn’t find the man at fault but the woman. He conveys the lousy feeling of finding out that everything he’s put into a relationship doesn’t amount to anything because she’s entertaining other options on the side.

Stream Davion Farris’ new single “Bad Guy” below.

10. Syd – Broken Hearts Club

Five years after releasing her solo debut album, Fin, Syd returns with her sophomore effort, Broken Hearts Club. The 13-track album includes guest appearances from Kehlani, Lucky Daye and Smino. Broken Hearts Club was inspired by Syd’s past relationship that left her with her first broken heart. “The album is about a relationship I had that ended in my first real broken heart. It almost felt like I joined a club because all of my friends went through similar experiences,” explained Syd.

Broken Hearts Club should be played from start to finish to get the most from Syd’s vivid yet vulnerable storytelling. Playing the songs out of place is like starting a new show mid-season.

Syd will kick off her Broken Hearts Club Tour on April 27 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Destin Conrad, who recently dropped his Kiana Ledé-assisted song “Unpredictable,” will join Syd as a supporting act. 

Stream Syd’s Broken Hearts Club album below.

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