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Victoria Fleary Promoted to VP, Social at iOne Digital

Victoria Fleary

iONE Digital, the leading digital media company creating and distributing premium content for Black and urban lifestyle enthusiasts, is proud to announce the promotion of Victoria Fleary to Vice President, Social.

Victoria Fleary

This promotion marks the culmination of Fleary’s two-year journey with iOne Digital as its resident Senior Director of Social, a role that she mastered and shaped how content has appeared through their respective platforms, and her instrumental work in developing social-first sponsorship opportunities to clients and partners including Amazon, DoorDash and Procter & Gamble.

In her new role, Fleary will oversee the social ecosystem from shaping and developing social identity, strategy and leading content operations across the company’s portfolio of brands including BlackPlanet, Bossip, CassiusLife, Elev8, GlobalGrind, HelloBeautiful, HipHopWired, MadameNoire, NewsONE, and TheFumble.

She will lead in harnessing the utilization of social media to amplify editorial and video content, build engaged audiences and create sponsor-friendly opportunities and innovative partnerships, oversee social media takeovers, influencer activations and community engagement, as well as craft roadmaps to increase traffic and revenue across social platforms.
“I am thrilled to promote Victoria to Vice President of Social. For the past two years, she has been an integral part of Content leadership, having helped push the business forward in a multitude of meaningful ways and led the social team to new levels of success,” says Allison McGevna, iOne Digital’s Senior Vice President, Content.

“Victoria’s enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for our brands is unmatched and we are excited to see what she does in this next phase,” she adds.
“I am honored and excited to step into this dynamic new role at iOne. This promotion is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our incredible team.

I look forward to continuing our mission of representing Black truth and elevating the voices of our community, and I remain committed to driving innovation and authenticity as we move forward together,” now-Vice President, Social, Victoria Fleary shares.

“Victoria’s promotion is a result of the dedicated work that she has put in since her first day at iOne. Her relentless drive, creativity, and commitment to excellence in digital media has truly been an inspiration to everyone around her.

I look forward to witnessing her continued vision and execution in shaping the future of iOne’s online engagement and brand development,” says Sam Stiers, GM/EVP Digital at Interactive One.
Known as a trailblazer in the digital media landscape for her ability to seamlessly blend creativity and strategy to transform brands and build dynamic online communities, Fleary has built a track record of achieving stellar results at some of today’s biggest media networks.

Fleary’s talents left a legacy at Emmis Communications, who hired her to redefine the digital presence of and, and at Black Entertainment Television (BET) – a subsidiary of Paramount Company, where she directed the digital arm of the Brand Solutions division.

She spearheaded the network’s digital content ideation, turning creative digital first concepts into lucrative sponsorship opportunities alongside the BET Sales force. 

Massive X-ray Machine Deployed in Peel Region to Reduce Auto Thefts (Video)

Massive X-ray Machine Deployed in Peel Region to Reduce Auto Thefts


A $3.5 million x-ray machine has been deployed in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to combat rising auto thefts.

Purpose of the X-ray Machine

The machine is designed to scan shipping containers bound for Canadian ports to prevent the export of stolen vehicles. This initiative is a result of this year’s Summit on Combating Auto Theft in Canada.

Government and Law Enforcement Efforts

Politicians from various government levels attended the announcement in Mississauga. The initiative is part of a broader strategy involving regional police forces and the RCMP to gather intelligence and intercept stolen vehicles before they leave the GTA.

Technology and Organized Crime

The deployment of this technology is crucial to keep pace with organized crime, which uses advanced methods for auto theft. Police officials emphasized the need for equally sophisticated technology to combat these crimes.

Auto Theft Statistics

In Toronto, more than 12,000 vehicles were stolen last year, equating to one theft every 40 minutes. The federal government plans to amend the criminal code to impose stiffer punishments for auto thefts.

Proposed Punishments

Earlier this year, the province announced new measures, including a proposed 10-year driver’s license suspension for a first conviction of auto theft involving violence, use of a weapon, force, or theft motivated by financial gain.

Florida Man Accused of Fraudulent Roof Repair Claims (Video)

Florida Man Accused of Fraudulent Roof Repair Claims


A 27-year-old man, Trevor Smith, faces charges in Hillsborough and Manatee counties over fraudulent roof repair claims following Hurricane Ian.


The alleged crimes date back to 2023 after Hurricane Ian struck. Smith, an independent contractor for Apex Roofing and Restoration, solicited homeowners under a state of emergency.

Alleged Fraudulent Activities

Smith reportedly approached a homeowner in Palmetto, offering a free roof inspection. He claimed significant damage, exaggerating the extent to secure insurance payments for roof replacement. Smith allegedly impersonated homeowners to initiate insurance claims.

Investigations and Legal Actions

The Florida Department of Financial Services is investigating Smith. He was first arrested last month, facing charges in Manatee County, including unlicensed contracting during a state of emergency. This week, he was arrested again in Hillsborough County for acting as a public insurance adjuster without a license.

Company and Legal Responses

Apex Roofing and Restoration stated their requirement for contractors to adhere to laws and company standards. They are reviewing the allegations and will cooperate with authorities. Smith’s attorney denies all charges and expresses confidence in his client’s exoneration once the truth is revealed.


The case underscores the prevalence of roofing scams post-disasters, contributing to Florida’s insurance crisis. The legislature has attempted reforms to reduce frivolous litigation and high-pressure scams.

Paul George’s Free Agency Options and Potential Impact (Video)

Paul George's Free Agency Options and Potential Impact


As the NBA free agency period approaches, Paul George, a prominent All-Star, emerges as one of the most sought-after free agents. With his unrestricted status, George can join any team that can accommodate him through cap space or a sign-and-trade agreement with the Clippers.

Paul George’s Priorities

Paul George emphasizes contributing to winning basketball over merely chasing a championship. He seeks the right style of basketball and a suitable fit within a team’s system.

Potential Destinations for Paul George

The New York Knicks have shown significant interest in Paul George. Adding George could elevate the team, especially alongside Jaylen Brunson, one of the league’s top point guards. However, acquiring George would require a trade, which might necessitate sacrificing some assets. The Philadelphia 76ers present a compelling option, especially given George’s proficiency in catch-and-shoot scenarios, which aligns well with Joel Embiid’s playing style. The 76ers have the cap space to sign him directly, making the process smoother than a trade. The Los Angeles Clippers can offer George any contract due to holding his rights. George has expressed a preference for staying in LA, though the Clippers’ current stance on his contract demands remains unclear.

Considerations for Each Team

The Knicks’ ability to execute a trade and integrate George without disrupting the existing roster is crucial. The potential synergy between George and the Knicks’ head coach, Tom Thibodeau, is also a consideration. The health and conditioning of Joel Embiid are pivotal factors for the 76ers. George’s fit with the team’s dynamic, particularly with Tyrese Maxey, enhances the 76ers’ offensive and defensive capabilities. The Clippers’ hesitation in offering George a long-term contract raises questions. Their strategy might involve exploring other free-agent options, including James Harden, or preparing for a potential rebuild.


Paul George’s free agency decision will significantly impact the NBA landscape. Whether he stays with the Clippers, joins the 76ers, or moves to the Knicks, his choice will influence team dynamics and the overall competitive balance in the league.

Tragic I-240 Shooting: Mother’s Update on Children’s Recovery (Video)

Tragic I-240 Shooting: Mother's Update on Children's Recovery


A Memphis mother, Brittany Ireland, has shared an emotional update following a traumatic interstate shooting incident that critically injured her four children and their father.

The Incident

Last week, Brittany’s children, 8-year-old Kyree, 3-year-old Antonio Jr., and twins Ace and Missouri, along with their father, were victims of a shooting on I-240. The incident occurred after an SUV refused to let their vehicle merge, resulting in the SUV driver opening fire.

Victims and Injuries

  • Kyree: Shot in his leg and hand, resulting in the loss of two fingers. A bullet remains lodged in his leg.
  • Ace: Sustained four gunshot wounds to his stomach, leading to a week without eating.
  • Antonio Jr.: Shot in his arms.
  • Missouri: Grazed by bullets five times. The children’s father was also shot during the incident.

Arrests and Charges

21-year-old Kendrick Rate and 18-year-old Lorenzo Watson were arrested and charged in connection with the shooting. Their bonds were set at $1 million each.

Emotional and Physical Recovery

Brittany expressed gratitude for the support received from the two men who saved her children’s lives. However, she acknowledged the long road ahead for physical and mental therapy for her children, who were once active and outgoing.

Community Support

Despite the challenges, Brittany remains thankful and has appealed for community assistance, emphasizing the need for collective support to help her family recover.


For those wishing to support Brittany and her children, additional information is available on the WREG website.

Woman Accused in Deadly Memphis Wreck Arrested in Colorado (Video)

Woman Accused in Deadly Memphis Wreck Arrested in Colorado

Incident Overview

Tracy Tidy, 67, was arrested by U.S. Marshals in Colorado, two years after being involved in a deadly wreck in Memphis. She faces multiple charges, including vehicular homicide, intoxication, and reckless driving.

Details of the Accident

In September 2022, Tidy was allegedly behind the wheel of a vehicle that struck and killed Elvin Nunez and seriously injured his brother while they were working on a construction site in East Memphis. Elvin’s brother never regained consciousness and died 42 days after the crash.

Family’s Reaction

Catena Nunez, the widow of Elvin Nunez, credits her persistent efforts for leading to Tidy’s arrest. The Nunez family expressed relief at the arrest, hoping it would prevent other families from suffering similar tragedies. Elvin’s daughter, Ivy, spoke emotionally about her father’s loss and the need for justice.

Arrest and Extradition

Tidy was tracked down to a residence in Colorado and taken into custody. The arrest was part of a task force operation targeting violent offenders, which included coordination with the U.S. Postal Service. The Nunez family now awaits Tidy’s extradition back to Tennessee to face charges.

Ongoing Impact

Elvin Nunez’s children are left without their father. The family continues to seek justice and closure, emphasizing that while the arrest won’t bring Elvin back, it may prevent future incidents and suffering for other families.

7-Year-Old Boy Shot and Killed on Chicago’s Near West Side (Video)

7-Year-Old Boy Shot and Killed on Chicago's Near West Side

Tragic Incident

A 7-year-old boy was shot and killed on Chicago’s Near West Side. The shooting occurred at an apartment complex across from Crane High School.

Immediate Response

Police arrived at the scene and found the boy with a gunshot wound. He was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

Official Statements

Mayor Brandon Johnson and Police Superintendent Larry Snelling provided updates outside the hospital. Superintendent Snelling highlighted the alarming statistic that 127 juveniles have been shot in the city this year, calling for urgent action to address the violence.

Community Impact

The shooting has left the community shaken. Neighbors reported that the shots were fired from outside the gated apartment complex, striking the boy as he was exiting. Residents, including children, live in fear of gun violence, with many parents restricting their children from playing outside due to safety concerns.

Call for Action

The incident underscores the need for addressing gun violence in Chicago. Mayor Johnson and Superintendent Snelling emphasized the importance of community and societal efforts to protect children and reduce violent incidents in the city.

Liquor Store Employee Shot and Killed Over Stolen Bottle (Video)

Liquor Store Employee Shot and Killed Over Stolen Bottle

Incident Overview

A tragic incident unfolded in Cicero, a suburb of Chicago, where a liquor store employee was shot and killed while trying to stop a robbery.

Victim Identified

The victim, Sebastian Rodriguez, was a beloved employee known for his dedication and hard work. He was shot in the head at close range by one of the robbers as he attempted to prevent them from stealing a bottle of alcohol.

Community Mourning

Friends, coworkers, and loved ones are deeply saddened by Rodriguez’s death. He was remembered as a good man and a devoted father to his three sons. A candlelight vigil was held outside the store to honor his memory.

Police Response

Police quickly responded to the incident and apprehended the two suspects involved in the shooting. The arrest was captured on cell phone video, showing officers with drawn guns detaining the men near 95th Street. The suspects’ vehicle showed significant front-end damage, though details of how the police located the men remain unclear.

Ongoing Investigation

The suspects are currently in custody, and charges are pending. The community and Rodriguez’s loved ones are seeking answers to why such a senseless act of violence occurred.

Man Swaps $28,000 Diamond with Fake in Jewelry Store (Video)

Man Swaps $28,000 Diamond with Fake in Jewelry Store

Surveillance Footage Released

A Cobb County jewelry store has released surveillance footage of a man suspected of stealing a diamond worth $28,000. The man allegedly replaced the diamond with a fake and walked out of the store.

Incident Details

The incident took place at a Smyrna jewelry store. Employees reported that the suspect visited the store twice on Monday, spending a total of two hours there. He returned after closing time, expressing his intention to purchase a $28,000 engagement diamond.

The Swap

As he was about to pay, the man asked to step outside for a cigarette. Candy Johnson, an employee, mentioned that the staff realized he had swapped their two-carat diamond with a cubic zirconia shortly after he left. By the time they went outside to find him, he was already gone.

Professional Execution

Store security footage showed the suspect making the switch in an area without overhead cameras. Employees described his actions as professional sleight of hand.

Suspect Identified

The store reported the incident to the Jewelers Security Alliance in New York. Officials recognized the suspect’s face from a similar crime at a Virginia jewelry store. The hope is that the released video and pictures will help lead to his arrest.

Ongoing Investigation

The suspect’s vehicle was not captured on video, and it is unclear if he resides in Georgia. Smyrna police are handling the investigation, and employees hope the footage will prevent similar incidents from happening to others.

Biden’s Latest Immigration Move Criticized (Video)

Biden's Latest Immigration Move Criticized

Executive Action on Immigration

President Biden recently took executive action aimed at simplifying the process for some undocumented spouses and stepchildren of American citizens to obtain permanent residency in the U.S.

Expert Opinion

Immigration attorney Samantha Sara describes the action as largely symbolic. While it may make it easier for these individuals to stay in the country and obtain work permits, it does not significantly change eligibility for green cards.

Political Motives

Sara suggests that this move may be politically motivated, especially given the scrutiny the Biden administration faces regarding its handling of immigration, particularly at the southern border. She likens it to recent efforts to curb border arrests and manage asylum cases, which she views as attempts to address immediate concerns rather than implementing comprehensive reforms.

Call for Comprehensive Reform

Sara argues that the administration is resorting to piecemeal actions rather than pursuing meaningful immigration reform. She emphasizes the need for a complete overhaul of immigration laws, including opening up visa numbers, to address the systemic issues effectively.

Legislative Challenges

The discussion highlights the repeated failures of bipartisan efforts to pass substantial immigration reform. According to Sara, the lack of political will and understanding of the immigration system among lawmakers contributes to the ongoing stalemate.

Practical Issues in Immigration

Sara notes that many of her clients strive to follow legal immigration processes, despite the significant challenges posed by the current system. She argues that without fixing the underlying issues, such as lengthy wait times for family-based green card petitions, illegal immigration will continue to be a problem.

Insufficient Resources

Sara points out that the U.S. immigration system suffers from a shortage of resources, including immigration judges, asylum officers, and interpreters. She argues that shutting down the border is not a viable solution and calls for better laws and sufficient staffing to handle the backlog of cases.

Need for Comprehensive Reform

Sara concludes that what is needed is not amnesty but comprehensive immigration law reform that addresses the root causes and inefficiencies of the current system.

The Fight to Stop Youth Gun Violence (Video)

The Fight to Stop Youth Gun Violence

Rise in Youth Gun Violence

During the summer, incidents of shootings and gun violence typically increase. This year, however, a disturbing trend has emerged: both the shooters and victims are younger than ever before.

NYPD Observations

Nonprofit groups in New York City are working tirelessly to promote peace in their communities. Meanwhile, the NYPD has noticed that the age of those involved in gun violence is decreasing. The NYPD’s Gun Violence Suppression Unit, led by Assistant Chief Jason Savino, has shifted its focus to targeting a small percentage of gang members identified as the primary perpetrators of gun violence.

Statistics on Youth Involvement

According to Chief Savino, there is now a 1 in 10 chance that a shooting victim will be 17 years old or younger. For the first time ever, the average age of shooters in 2024 has dropped below 20, with an average age of 19.

Community Initiatives

Mitchell Mann, appointed as New York City’s Gun Czar by Mayor Eric Adams, founded the nonprofit Man Up Inc. in Brooklyn to address gun violence and other community issues. Mann emphasizes the need for significant investments in community resources to prevent violence.

Personal Impact and Intervention

Jason Bostic, a 21-year-old Columbia University student, lost his father to a violent robbery and his sister to gang violence in Bed-Stuy. Intervention from the Man Up organization helped him avoid a similar fate and provided him with support during his struggles.

New Programs for At-Risk Youth

Community leaders, encouraged by the mayor’s support for the Crisis Management System, are developing new strategies to address serious criminal activity. The “In the Field” program targets high-risk youth, engaging males aged 12 to 24 in paintball competitions and mental health workshops. Executive Director Jarell Sweet notes a cultural shift among youth, with violence now often driven by clout chasing rather than need and desperation.

The Depressed Housing Market and Its Economic Impact (Video)

The Depressed Housing Market and Its Economic Impact

Housing Market Overview

The housing market is currently experiencing significant downturns, described as “depressed” by economist E.J. Antoni from the Heritage Foundation. Home sale numbers have plummeted to levels lower than during the COVID-19 pandemic when government shutdowns restricted people’s movements.

Factors Contributing to the Depressed Market

Antoni attributes the market’s struggles to the government’s policies, which have effectively frozen the housing market. High-interest rates have locked many homeowners into their current mortgages, preventing them from moving to new homes due to the prohibitive cost of securing new loans at rates of 7-8%.

Impact on Worker Mobility and Economy

The decrease in worker mobility is a notable consequence of the housing market slump. With people unable to relocate, job transitions across different geographical locations have become increasingly difficult, potentially slowing down overall economic growth.

Inflation and Economic Policies

In a broader economic context, Antoni criticized the perspective of economists from The Atlantic, who suggested that policies under former President Trump would worsen inflation. Antoni argued that the policies from the current administration are the primary cause of the ongoing inflation and that reversing these policies could help mitigate the issue.

Stagflation Concerns

Antoni suggested that the economy might already be experiencing stagflation. He cited the latest Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) report, which indicates that while consumers are spending more, they are actually purchasing fewer goods, a classic sign of stagflation.


The housing market’s depression is having a profound impact on the economy, particularly in terms of worker mobility and overall economic activity. Additionally, there are concerns about inflation and potential stagflation, further complicating the economic landscape.

U.S. Housing Prices Projected to Decline, Says Advisory Firm CEO (Video)

U.S. Housing Prices Projected to Decline, Says Advisory Firm CEO


The CEO of an advisory firm predicts that U.S. housing prices will enter a long period of decline. This prediction is based on an anticipated shift in the supply-demand dynamic of the housing market.

Supply-Demand Imbalance

Currently, the U.S. housing market has a supply-demand imbalance, characterized by more demand and less supply. This imbalance is expected to invert, leading to more supply and less demand.

Demographic Ownership Patterns

A significant factor in this projected decline is the demographic pattern of homeownership. In the United States, 90% of housing is owned by households over the age of 40. Further breaking down the data, 74% of housing is owned by individuals over 50 years old, and 56% is owned by those over 60. In stark contrast, the smallest percentage of homeownership is among individuals under 30 years old.

Decline in Household Formation

Household growth and formation are currently at their lowest levels in 160 years, leading to a potential demand problem. Several factors contribute to this decline, including men staying single longer and an increase in the average age of first-time homebuyers, which has risen from the low 30s to the high 30s.

Young Men Living at Home

A significant number of young men aged 24-35 are choosing to live at home. In 2013, young men were 50% more likely to live at home compared to women. Currently, young men are twice as likely to live at home as young women, with one out of five young men living at home with their parents. This trend is not just among those attending college and returning home for breaks; it is a choice among many young adults.

Income Inequality and Homeownership

Income inequality and lack of opportunities are impacting young men’s ability to form households and buy homes. Single individuals face more challenges in affording homes compared to dual-income families.

Racist Rants and Public Meltdowns: Cases of Racism in America (Video)

Racist Rants and Public Meltdowns: Cases of Racism in America

Case 1: Nicholas Letney – Detroit Airport Incident

On November 20, 2022, 31-year-old Nicholas Letney caused a disturbance at Detroit Airport while waiting for a flight from Seattle to Dallas. After his flight was delayed, Letney’s behavior escalated, leading to his denial of boarding. In response, Letney launched into a racist tirade, resulting in airport police intervention. Letney, who has a history of making anti-Semitic remarks online and has written a racist book, was taken into custody and involuntarily committed to a hospital.

Case 2: Edward Matthews – Mount Laurel, New Jersey

Edward Matthews, a 45-year-old resident of Mount Laurel, New Jersey, became the target of neighborhood protests after a video of his racist rant went viral. The video captured Matthews harassing his Black neighbors, using racial slurs, and boasting about past violent acts. Matthews, who had a long history of harassment and violence towards his neighbors, was arrested four days later. He faced multiple charges, including bias intimidation, harassment, and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.

Case 3: Terrell Owens – Broward County, Florida

On August 3, 2022, retired NFL player Terrell Owens had the police called on him by a woman named Caitlyn Davis while he was driving to his mailbox in Broward County, Florida. Davis accused Owens of speeding and harassing her, claims which were later proven to be false. Owens recorded the incident, highlighting the unfounded accusations and Davis’s attempt to escalate the situation by calling the police. Davis was later charged with filing a false police report, although the charges were eventually dropped.

Case 4: Nio Rios – Burley County, North Dakota

North Dakota lawmaker Nio Rios was pulled over by the Burley County Sheriff’s Department on December 15, 2022, for driving under the influence. Rios, who had an open bottle of alcohol in his car and admitted to drinking, failed a field sobriety test. During his arrest, Rios went on a racist rant against the arresting officer, who was from the United Kingdom. Rios was charged with DUI and refusing a chemical test, and he received nearly a year of unsupervised probation and a $1,000 fine.

Case 5: Montgomery County Police Incident

On May 9, 2019, multiple officers from Montgomery County Police Department detained a group of Black men outside a McDonald’s in Silver Spring, Maryland, following a loitering complaint. The officers’ interaction, which was recorded, included derogatory comments and the use of a racial slur. The men were cited for trespassing and marijuana possession. Despite the evidence, there are no records of disciplinary action against the officer who used the racial slur.

Police Warn Honda Owners of Increased Car Thefts in Upper Merion Township (Video)

Police Warn Honda Owners of Increased Car Thefts in Upper Merion Township


Police in Upper Merion Township have issued a warning to Honda owners following a spike in car thefts targeting specific models.

Targeted Vehicles

Newer models of Honda Accord, Civic, and CR-V are being targeted by thieves who have found a way to manipulate the cars’ computer systems.

Theft Method

According to police, the thieves do not require original keys or key fobs to steal the cars. The theft process takes approximately 3 to 4 minutes.

Affected Areas

The thefts have predominantly occurred in apartment complexes, with Gulph Mills Village on South Henderson Road being notably affected. Two tenants from this development have reported issues.

Rising Trend

Police report that these incidents have been increasing over the past two months, prompting them to issue the warning.

Safety Recommendations

Authorities recommend Honda owners take precautions, including subscribing to the HondaLink tracking service and placing an Apple AirTag in their vehicles. They also urge residents to report any suspicious activity.

Increase in Theft Statistics

The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports a 44% increase in thefts of Honda Accords in Pennsylvania between 2020 and 2022, and a 9% increase for Honda Civics.

Ongoing Investigation

Police are currently investigating fewer than a dozen cases but hope that raising awareness will help prevent the issue from escalating further.


Upper Merion police are actively working to curb the trend of Honda thefts by informing the public and encouraging preventive measures.

US Homebuilder Predicts Trump Win Could Boost Real Estate Market (Video)

US Homebuilder Predicts Trump Win Could Boost Real Estate Market

Strong Job Growth Contributing to Rising Rent Prices

Experts report that strong job growth is leading landlords to increase their rental prices. This trend is contributing to a challenging real estate market.

US Faces Significant Housing Shortage

The United States is currently short 4.5 million homes as of 2022, according to new estimates. The current status of this shortage is unclear.

Financing and Regulatory Burdens Impacting Homebuilding

Jim Tobin, President of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), highlighted that financing mechanisms for development and construction are significant barriers for homebuilders. Regulatory burdens are also contributing to the slow pace of homebuilding.

Decline in Homebuilder Confidence

Homebuilder confidence has decreased, with a recent confidence number of 43, the lowest since January. High interest rates are cited as a primary cause, as mortgage rates have crested around 7%, freezing the market.

Inflation’s Impact on the Economy and Housing Market

Donald Trump has criticized the current administration, stating that inflation has severely impacted the economy, making it difficult for Americans to buy homes. He claims that President Biden’s policies have destroyed the American dream and caused significant financial strain on American families.

Potential Impact of a Trump Re-Election on the Housing Market

Jim Tobin indicated that if Trump were re-elected, his policies might lower inflation and improve the housing market. Tobin pointed out that the previous lower regulatory environment and a more robust economy under Trump benefited the housing sector.

Biden Administration’s Energy Regulations and Housing Costs

Tobin also mentioned that the Biden administration’s new energy regulations could add $20,000 to $30,000 to the cost of new homes. These regulations are aimed at increasing energy efficiency but could drive up housing costs, especially affecting low-income and first-generation buyers.

Paul George Dictates Free Agency in the Clippers’ Monumental Offseason (Video)

Paul George Dictates Free Agency in the Clippers' Monumental Offseason

Pistons Fire Head Coach Monty Williams

The Detroit Pistons have fired head coach Monty Williams after just one season, despite his historic six-year $78 million contract. The decision comes after the Pistons finished the season with a league-low 14 wins and a record 28-game losing streak. The team will now look for a new head coach while owing Williams over $65 million left on his contract.

Pascal Siakam Signs Max Contract with Pacers

All-Star forward Pascal Siakam has agreed to a 4-year, $189.5 million max contract to stay with the Indiana Pacers. This deal secures the Pacers’ duo of Siakam and Tyrese Haliburton through 2028 and 2029, respectively.

LeBron James and Paul George’s Player Options Loom

With the offseason in full swing, LeBron James and Paul George have until June 29 to decide whether to pick up their player options in Los Angeles or opt out to become unrestricted free agents. Other notable players eligible for massive extensions this offseason include Jason Tatum, Steph Curry, Joel Embiid, Donovan Mitchell, and Kevin Durant.

Intriguing Free Agents: Klay Thompson, OG Anunoby, and James Harden

This year’s free agent class includes Klay Thompson, OG Anunoby, and James Harden. There is speculation about Thompson potentially joining the Orlando Magic to provide playoff experience and perimeter shooting. OG Anunoby is expected to remain with the Knicks, while James Harden’s future remains uncertain.

Donovan Mitchell’s Future

Donovan Mitchell’s potential move to the Lakers is a topic of interest, but it’s more likely he will re-sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Lakers have tradable contracts and draft picks, but Cleveland offers Mitchell a stable environment without needing to gut their roster.

Paul George’s Decision to Shape Free Agency

Paul George’s decision on whether to re-sign with the Clippers will significantly impact the free agency landscape. The Clippers, moving into a new $2 billion arena, have prioritized extending George and already extended Kawhi Leonard. Philadelphia 76ers have the cap space to sign George outright if he opts to leave the Clippers.

Monty Williams’ Future

Monty Williams’ sudden dismissal by the Pistons has thrown a wrench into coaching searches. The Lakers and Cavaliers, both without head coaches, might consider Williams, but his future coaching plans remain uncertain.

D’Angelo Russell’s Player Option

The Lakers’ offseason plans also hinge on D’Angelo Russell’s decision to opt into his $19 million player option or become a free agent. Russell’s decision will impact the Lakers’ flexibility to make trades and add free agents.

These headlines provide a clear summary of the key points discussed in the transcript, focusing on facts and avoiding personal opinions or speculations.

John Kennedy Criticizes Biden Over Inflation (Video)

John Kennedy Criticizes Biden Over Inflation


Senator John Kennedy from Louisiana delivered a speech criticizing President Joe Biden for the current inflation issues, attributing it to the President’s economic policies.

Key Points

Kennedy emphasized that inflation is severely affecting Louisiana residents, increasing their cost of living significantly. The average household income in Louisiana is around $58,000, but inflation has added an extra $900 per month in expenses, totaling $11,000 per year. Prices of consumer goods in Louisiana have risen by an average of 20% since Biden took office. Specific increases include gasoline (53%), eggs (69%), bread (28%), and electricity bills (28%). Credit card debt has surged by 46%, with delinquent debt up by 11%.

Housing costs have escalated by 290%, and mortgage rates have risen by 56%. Kennedy explains that disinflation means prices are rising at a slower rate, not that prices are decreasing. He emphasizes that the current high prices are permanent, despite the decrease in the inflation rate.

Kennedy criticizes Biden for lacking a plan to reduce inflation further. He urges voters to seek economic solutions in the voting booth.


Kennedy’s speech underscores the severe impact of inflation on Louisiana residents and criticizes President Biden’s economic policies, urging a change through the electoral process.

14-Year-Old Boy Arrested for Homicide in Merced (Video)

14-Year-Old Boy Arrested for Homicide in Merced

Teen Involved in Drug and Prostitution Activities

A 14-year-old boy was arrested in Merced for allegedly shooting and killing a 41-year-old man. The incident, which occurred on Saturday afternoon, stemmed from an argument over money related to drugs and prostitution.

Shooting Incident and Escape

The shooting took place in a neighborhood near Conestoga Drive and Austin Avenue. According to Merced Police Sergeant Jeremy Salyers, the teenager was involved in selling drugs and soliciting women. Following the shooting, the boy fled to San Jose.

Arrest and Charges

Detectives, with the assistance of witnesses and surveillance footage, tracked down the suspect at a motel on Monday afternoon. The 14-year-old is now in custody at Merced County Juvenile Hall, facing a homicide charge.

Community Reaction and Police Advice

Residents of the neighborhood expressed concern about the worsening conditions in their area over the past few years. Police emphasized the importance of parental vigilance in monitoring children’s activities online and encouraging them to engage in positive activities to prevent involvement in criminal behavior.

McDonald’s Employee Accused of Firing Shots at Customer’s Car (video)

McDonald's Employee Accused of Firing Shots at Customer's Car

Incident Overview

A McDonald’s employee in Lakeland, identified as 22-year-old Chastity Gardner, allegedly fired a gun at a customer’s car during a dispute over an incorrect order.

The Altercation

The incident occurred at a McDonald’s drive-thru on 24 Boulevard East near Gilmore Avenue around 1 a.m. on a Friday. The customer, accompanied by friends, placed two separate orders, which were reportedly mixed up by Gardner.

Surveillance Footage

Surveillance video captured Gardner throwing a drink at the customers through the drive-thru window. The customers retaliated by throwing a cup with liquid back at Gardner. Gardner then retrieved a firearm from the employee area and exited the building.

Gunfire and Aftermath

The customers reported hearing two gunshots as they drove away and later discovered a bullet had hit the passenger side of their car. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

Police Involvement

Lakeland police arrested Gardner, who claimed she fired warning shots in fear for her life. Gardner faces charges of weapon discharge without intent to kill.

Response from McDonald’s

Attempts to reach the McDonald’s location for comment were unsuccessful as the phone lines were busy.