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Dr. Gladys McGarey is a renowned medical doctor, author, and a key figure in the development of holistic medicine. She co-founded the American Holistic Medical Association, which has been influential in redefining health care and self-care.

Dr. Gladys McGarey

Her career spans over seven decades, during which she has significantly impacted the medical field and mentored many of today’s leading doctors.

Influence and Philosophy of Dr. McGarey

Dr. McGarey emphasizes that the essence of healing is love and life. She believes that healing is an internal process, supported by external medical practices when necessary.

Her approach to medicine during World War II introduced holistic concepts to a field dominated by pain elimination and disease treatment. Dr. McGarey continues to advocate for a shift from treating symptoms to promoting overall well-being through holistic practices.

Educational and Personal Background

Dr. McGarey faced challenges in her early education due to dyslexia, which was then undiagnosed. Despite these hurdles, she became a leading physician and an advocate for holistic medicine.

Her experience with dyslexia led her to explore alternative learning methods, contributing to her innovative approach to medicine.

Contributions and Global Impact

Throughout her career, Dr. McGarey has been involved in groundbreaking work, including her interactions with Mahatma Gandhi, which influenced her philosophy of love and peace in healing practices.

Her global influence extends to areas like Afghanistan, where she educated women on basic health care, significantly impacting maternal health practices.

Future Endeavors and Legacy

At 103, Dr. McGarey remains active in the medical community, continuing to share her message of holistic healing and the power of love. She has plans to develop a village for living medicine, emphasizing holistic health practices as the foundation for community health.

Conclusion: Dr. Gladys McGarey’s Ongoing Influence

Dr. Gladys McGarey’s life and work exemplify her belief in love and holistic health as foundational elements for healing.

Her contributions to medicine have paved the way for a deeper understanding of holistic health care, impacting countless individuals and communities globally.


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