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2024 Radio Hall of Fame Nominees: Voting Starts May 20th

The Museum of Broadcast Communications announced today the selection of the RADIO HALL OF FAME 2024 nominees. The 24 nominees were chosen by the Radio Hall of Fame Nominating Committee, with input from the radio industry and listeners.

2024 Radio Hall of Fame Nominees; Voting Starts May 20th

Voting for inductees begins Monday, May 20, 2024, and runs through Monday, June 3, 2024. The top six vote recipients will gain induction as part of the 2024 Radio Hall of Fame Induction class. The two additional inductees that will make up the eight-person induction class will be selected by the Radio Hall of Fame Nominating Committee.

More than 900 industry members will receive a ballot on Monday, May 20th, to cast votes for up to six nominated individuals. The confidential ballot will be conducted by, and overseen by Miller Kaplan‘s Andrew Rosen.

The total of eight Radio Hall of Fame inductees for 2024 will be announced on Monday, June 17th, and will be honored at the 2024 Radio Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Thursday, September 19th at the Omni Nashville Hotel in Nashville, TN. Information on tickets for the event will be available soon.


  • Bert Weiss
  • Big D & Bubba
  • Big Tigger
  • Bob and Sheri
  • Bob Stroud
  • Crook & Chase
  • Dede McGuire
  • Diane Rehm
  • Free Beer and Hot Wings
  • Funkmaster Flex
  • Jaime Jarrin
  • John & Ken
  • Johnny Magic
  • Kid Leo
  • Larry Elder
  • Laurie DeYoung
  • Lee Harris
  • Lincoln Ware
  • Mary McCoy
  • Matt Siegel
  • Mojo in the Morning
  • Phil Hendrie
  • Richard Blade
  • Shelley “The Playboy” Stewart

Dennis Green, Co-Chairman of the Radio Hall of Fame, stated: “It is an honor to nominate this amazing class of talented individuals and shows that have made their mark on the radio

The 2024 nominees to the Radio Hall of Fame represent one of the most diverse group of talents we have honored with the highest level of recognition one can achieve from the radio industry. 

Kudos to the Radio Hall of Fame Nominating Committee for recognizing this year’s class of nominees whose careers only add to the special place radio holds in the hearts and minds of generations of listeners across the country.”

Kraig T. Kitchin, Co-Chairman, Radio Hall of Fame, commented: “Congratulations to our 2024 nominees for induction!  

I encourage each industry member receiving a confidential ballot to participate in the selection of this years’ inductees.  It’s an honor and a privilege to see well-established on-air careers recognized with an induction; every vote makes a difference in the outcome.”

The Radio Hall of Fame was founded by the Emerson Radio Corporation in 1988. The Museum of Broadcast Communications took over operations of the Hall in 1991.

  • BobandSheri 1 |
  • Jaime Jarrin |
  • Shelley The Playboy Stewart 1 1 |
  • Free Beer Hot Wings 1 |
  • Bert Weiss 1 |
  • Big D Bubba 1 1 |
  • Big Tigger 1 |
  • Bob Stroud Image |
  • Crook Chase 2 2 |
  • Diane Rehm 1 |
  • Funkmaster Flex 1 1 |
  • John Ken |
  • Johnny Magic 1 |
  • Kid Leo |
  • Larry Elder |
  • Laurie DeYoung |
  • Lee Harris 1 1 |
  • Lincoln Ware 1 |
  • Matt Siegel 1 1 |
  • Mojo in the Morning 1 |
  • Phil Hendrie 1 |
  • Richard Blade 1 1 |
  • Crook Chase 2 1 1 1 |


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