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R&B Singer, Diddy Poisoning

In this video, the former bodyguard for Diddy, Gene Deal, addresses singer Al B. Sure’s insinuation that his two-month coma, where he had to have multiple organ transplants, may have been caused by Diddy?

Deal is asked if he thinks Diddy would be capable of something like this, and Deal says, citing Diddy’s past actions, such as blowing up cars and giving drugs to artists like Machine Gun Kelly, that anything is possible.

Speculation arises about how Diddy could have gotten close enough to Al B. Sure to administer anything, given their history of not being close friends.

Al B. Sure’s discomfort with Diddy stems from Diddy dating Kim Porter, who is the mother of Al B. Sure’s son, despite their prior friendship within the Uptown record family.

There’s a suggestion that Andre Harel may have played a role in boosting Diddy’s image by giving him credit for artists like Jodeci and Mary J. Blige, despite Devante being the true talent behind their music.

The conversation explores the dynamics between Diddy and Al B. Sure, delving into personal relationships and professional rivalries within the music industry.


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