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Alexander O’Neal Opens Up About His Battle with Drug Addiction


Legendary R&B singer Alexander O’Neal candidly shares his experiences and struggles with drug addiction in a powerful interview. Speaking openly about his journey, O’Neal aims to inspire and help others who may be facing similar battles. Yet he hangs in there and continues to sing.

Facing Addiction Head-On:

Alexander O’Neal began discussing his drug addiction over 30 years ago, hoping to make a difference by sharing his story. He wanted to reach out to those who were just starting their careers, urging them to avoid drugs and the detrimental path they can lead to. He emphasized the importance of abstaining from drugs, noting that while it may start as a fun party activity, it quickly turns into a destructive habit.

The Harsh Reality of Addiction:

O’Neal delves into the harsh realities of drug addiction, explaining how it transitions from a party activity to a habit and then to a full-time job. Despite reaching a high level of success, he felt compelled to use his platform to warn others about the dangers of drug abuse. He shares his personal struggles, admitting to seeing “demons and Thomas,” and encourages those battling addiction to keep fighting and never give up.

Public Perception and Personal Resolve:

Throughout his journey, O’Neal has faced significant public scrutiny and judgment. He discusses how the media has often tried to make him the “poster child” for drug addiction. However, he remains steadfast in his resolve, focusing on his relationship with God and his personal growth. O’Neal emphasizes that his addiction is a personal battle and that he is working hard to be the best version of himself every day.

Staying True to Himself:

Despite the negative perceptions and stigma surrounding his addiction, O’Neal remains focused on creating beautiful music and staying true to himself. He shares that he doesn’t care about what people write or think about him, as they don’t truly know him. His priority is to be the best person he can be and to continue making music that resonates with his fans.

Faith and Resilience:

O’Neal’s faith plays a significant role in his recovery and resilience. He identifies as a born-again Christian and uses his faith to guide him through his struggles. He expresses a lack of concern for the opinions of others, focusing instead on his relationship with God and his personal journey of recovery.


Alexander O’Neal’s interview is a raw and honest account of his battle with drug addiction. His story serves as an inspiration to others facing similar challenges, encouraging them to persevere and seek a better path. By sharing his experiences, O’Neal hopes to make a positive impact and help others avoid the pitfalls of drug abuse.


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