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Audacy and ElevenLabs Strike Partnership

Audacy is partnering with voice AI research and deployment company ElevenLabs to augment its existing programming and production workflows. 


Through ElevenLabs’ market-leading synthetic voice capabilities, this partnership will create a robust library of voices for Audacy to deliver custom experiences for listeners and advertising clients.

Audacy will infuse creator-led ideas and concepts with ElevenLabs’ technology to further bolster its programmers’ and talents’ unique ability to engage deeply with audiences at scale.¬†

“By experimenting with ElevenLabs’ synthetic voice capabilities, we’re transforming how we connect with our listeners and create value for our advertising partners,” said Jeff Sottolano, Executive Vice President and Head of Programming, Audacy.

“By streamlining workflows, this collaboration will empower creators with more bandwidth to focus on the exceptional content and listening experiences our audiences love and expect from Audacy.”¬†

“Through our work with Audacy, we’re bringing new voices to life, making radio more diverse and accessible for everyone,” says Carles Reina, Vice President of Revenue, ElevenLabs.

“This technology also means we can produce more creator-led content faster, keeping up with the speed of today’s world.”

ElevenLabs is a voice AI research and deployment company with a mission to make content universally accessible in any language and voice. ElevenLabs creates the most realistic, versatile, and contextually aware AI audio, providing the ability to generate speech in hundreds of new and existing voices in 29 languages.

As a technology research company, ElevenLabs is at the forefront of developing new cutting-edge voice AI. The company deploys the most advanced models and features accessible via web app or API to a user base from creators to publishers and beyond.


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