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Ayesha Curry Shares First Photos and Details of Baby No. 4, Kais (video)

Stephen and Ayesha Curry’s family has joyously expanded with the arrival of their fourth child. The NBA star and his wife shared the exciting news on Instagram, introducing their new son, Kais, who was born on May 26th.

Ayesha Curry Shares First Photos and Details of Baby No. 4, Kais

This addition brings the Curry family to six members, including their three older children: Riley, Ryan, and Canon.

The Announcement

On May 26th, Stephen Curry took to Instagram to announce the birth of their son, Kais. Accompanying the announcement was a heartfelt photo of Stephen holding his newborn son’s hand.

The caption read, “Our sweet baby boy decided to make an early arrival. He’s doing great and we are finally settling in at home as a family of six. So grateful.”

A Mother’s Day Surprise

The arrival of Kais came just one day after Mother’s Day. On that special day, Stephen paid tribute to Ayesha with a series of touching photos featuring her with their older children.

He captioned the post with a loving message, “Happy Mother’s Day to the mother of my bundles of joy. You brighten their day every day, give them support, encouragement, and confidence to be their best self. Always thankful to be on this journey of parenthood with you. Keep that mother’s touch. We love you.”

Ayesha’s Pregnancy Journey

Ayesha Curry first shared the news of their pregnancy in an essay for her lifestyle brand, Sweet July magazine. In the essay, she reflected on their decision to have another child after initially planning to stop at three.

“For so many years, Stephan and I thought we were done. We said three, that’s it, we’re not doing this again. And then last year, we looked at each other and agreed we wanted to do this again,” she wrote.

A New Perspective

During a recent appearance on “Live with Kelly and Mark,” Ayesha opened up about her fourth pregnancy. She expressed that this pregnancy felt different, primarily due to the significant six-year gap between her youngest son Canon and the new baby.

Ayesha shared, “There’s just much more gratitude. I have the wisdom to pause and take things in, not panic about things. I know that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. It can only last for so long, right? So it’s just been a really happy experience full of gratitude.”

The Children’s Reactions

Ayesha also discussed how their three older children have reacted to the new baby. Their eldest, Riley, is 11 years old and has mixed feelings, being excited yet somewhat skeptical, as she might enjoy being an only child.

Eight-year-old Ryan, known for being cuddly, loves watching Ayesha’s belly grow and is enthusiastic about the physical aspects of the pregnancy. Their five-year-old son Canon is filled with curiosity, asking questions weekly about the baby’s development, from the size to whether the baby has a working brain.


The Curry family is thrilled to welcome baby Kais into their lives. The journey of pregnancy and the anticipation of a new family member has brought them closer, filled with joy and gratitude.

As they settle into life as a family of six, the Currys continue to share their love and happiness with their fans and followers.


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