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Biden Faces Tough Questions on Age and Mental Fitness (Video)

Press Conference Highlights Concerns

In a recent White House press conference, President Joe Biden’s performance raised concerns about his age and mental acuity. During the event, Biden frequently asked reporters to repeat questions and trailed off during his answers. These issues have contributed to growing voter concerns about his ability to effectively serve as president.

Pre-Selected Questions and Controlled Environment

The press conference marked a departure from Biden’s previous, more spontaneous interactions with the press. This time, the White House limited questions to two pre-selected reporters. Peter Doocy of Fox News noted that this controlled format indicates a move away from the long, freewheeling press conferences of the past.

Trump Reveals Debate Format Details

Former President Donald Trump, Biden’s opponent in the upcoming debate, disclosed new information about the debate format. Trump stated that there had been a suggestion to have the candidates sit at tables, but he rejected this idea, insisting on standing up during the debate. This detail highlights the preparations and negotiations surrounding the upcoming face-off.

Scripted Responses and Limited Topics

During the press conference, Biden relied heavily on printed notes for his responses. This included a detailed answer to a question about the humanitarian crisis in the Congo, indicating that the questions were anticipated by the White House. The two pre-selected reporters focused on topics like Haiti, aligning with the White House’s strategy to keep Biden on message.

Future Public Appearances

As the debate approaches, the White House aims to minimize Biden’s exposure to spontaneous questioning. It is expected that Biden will have limited public engagements and will avoid discussing news of the day until early June, when he is scheduled to visit France.


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