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Biden’s Executive Action on Border; Trump Hesitates on Epstein Files (Video)

Biden’s New Executive Order on Border Security

President Joe Biden has taken significant steps to address the ongoing issue of illegal border crossings. His new executive action allows U.S. immigration officials to deport migrants without processing their asylum claims when the number of illegal border crossings exceeds 2,500 per day. This order aims to secure the U.S. border and manage the influx of migrants more effectively. In May, Border Patrol recorded an average of 3,800 crossings daily, indicating an immediate activation of this threshold.

Controversy and Reactions to Biden’s Policy

The executive order has sparked mixed reactions. Supporters argue that it is a necessary measure to control immigration and protect national security. Critics, however, are concerned about the potential impact on migrants who legitimately need asylum. This policy is likely to face challenges and scrutiny, especially from liberal groups who advocate for more humane immigration practices.

Trump’s Hesitation on Declassifying Epstein Files

In a recent interview with Fox News, former President Donald Trump discussed his plans to declassify various sensitive files if re-elected. When asked about declassifying the Epstein files, Trump hesitated, citing concerns about the potential spread of “phony” information that could harm people’s reputations. This response has raised suspicions about his reasons for reluctance, especially given his history of promoting conspiracy theories about other figures.

Twitter Embraces X-Rated Content

Twitter, now rebranded as X, has officially allowed X-rated content on its platform. Users can now share consensually produced adult content, marking a significant shift in the platform’s policy. Previously, while explicit content existed on Twitter, it was against the rules. This change has generated varied reactions, with some users welcoming the policy for allowing more freedom, while others express concerns about the platform’s direction under Elon Musk’s leadership.

North Korea’s Trash War with South Korea

South Korea has warned its citizens to watch out for objects falling from the sky as North Korea has been sending balloons filled with trash across the border. Since last Tuesday, 1,000 balloons carrying items such as cigarette butts and paper have landed in South Korea. This action is seen as a response to South Korean groups sending balloons with flash drives containing K-dramas and K-pop music to North Korea. The trash war, though a nuisance, is considered less dangerous than potential nuclear threats from North Korea.

South Korea’s Response to the Trash War

South Korean authorities are handling the situation by collecting and disposing of the trash. The South Korean public has expressed frustration over the environmental impact and the inconvenience caused by the trash barrage. However, the consensus is that this is a preferable scenario compared to more aggressive military actions from North Korea.


Biden’s executive action on the border, Trump’s hesitation on declassifying Epstein files, Twitter’s new policy on explicit content, and the unusual trash war between North and South Korea are all current events that highlight significant political and social issues. Each topic reflects the complexities and varied public reactions to policy decisions and international relations.


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