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Biden’s Polling Woes: White House Responds to Criticism (video)


In a recent press briefing, Fox News’ Peter Doocy questioned White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about the current atmosphere at the White House regarding President Biden’s polling numbers and the upcoming 2024 election.

Biden's Polling Woes: White House Responds to Criticism

Doocy referenced a Politico story suggesting that Democrats are concerned about Biden’s stubbornly poor polling and the stakes of the election. Jean-Pierre responded by emphasizing the President’s commitment to the American people and his focus on key issues affecting their lives.

The Press Briefing Exchange

Doocy’s Question

Peter Doocy directly asked, “Are you guys here at the White House in full-blown freakout mode?” He referred to a quote from a Politico story highlighting Democratic concerns about Biden’s polling and the implications for the upcoming election.

Jean-Pierre’s Response

Karine Jean-Pierre chose not to comment directly on the 2024 election. Instead, she highlighted President Biden’s consistent dedication to addressing the needs of the American people.

Jean-Pierre stated, “The President has never forgotten where he came from, who he is. He understands what the American people are going through as they’re sitting around the kitchen table.”

President Biden’s Commitment

Economic Policies

Jean-Pierre emphasized President Biden’s focus on economic policies designed to support the middle class.

She noted that Biden often speaks about his own family’s struggles and how those experiences shape his policies. These policies are aimed at helping communities that have been overlooked and ensuring that corporate greed does not dominate.

Middle-Class Support

The press secretary reiterated Biden’s commitment to fighting for the middle class. She stated, “He’s going to continue to fight in every way that he can.” This includes advocating for economic measures that benefit ordinary Americans rather than the wealthiest individuals and corporations.

Juneteenth and Corporate Accountability

Jean-Pierre mentioned Juneteenth, an important celebration of freedom and a reminder of the ongoing fight for equality. She connected this to Biden’s efforts to hold corporations accountable and prevent them from exploiting economic disparities for profit.

According to Jean-Pierre, Republicans are promoting policies that favor the wealthy, which contrasts sharply with Biden’s approach.

Republican Policies vs. Biden’s Approach

Tax Breaks for the Wealthy

Jean-Pierre criticized Republican policies, claiming they aim to provide substantial tax breaks to billionaires and large corporations. This stands in opposition to Biden’s focus on supporting the middle class and ensuring fair economic opportunities for all Americans.


The White House remains focused on addressing the challenges faced by the American people, with President Biden prioritizing economic policies that benefit the middle class and advocating for corporate accountability.

Despite concerns about polling numbers, the administration continues to emphasize its commitment to fighting for forgotten communities and promoting equitable economic growth.


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