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Birdman Confirms Cash Money Records’ Billion Album Sales and Ownership

Birdman Confirms Cash Money Records’ Billion Album Sales and Ownership – YouTube Insight

Birdman sets the record straight in an insightful new interview on YouTube, where he confirms that Cash Money Records has astonishingly sold over a billion albums. This milestone not only signifies a monumental achievement in the music industry but also solidifies Cash Money’s place in history as a dominant force, surpassing all others in album sales.

In this detailed discussion, Birdman shares his journey in the challenging business of music, emphasizing respect and humility despite his groundbreaking successes. He elaborates on the unique aspects of Cash Money’s business model, particularly owning the publishing and masters, a rarity in the music world that was only previously accomplished by the likes of Master P.

Birdman also opens up about the learning curve he experienced in the music business, revealing early naivet√© about publishing and business details, and how mentors like Vernon Brown and collaborations with artists like Manny Fresh and his brother Slim were pivotal. He stresses the importance of owning one’s content completely, highlighting how this ownership allowed Cash Money to maximize profits incomparably.

Towards the end, Birdman addresses generational communication gaps within the industry, reflecting on his experiences mentoring younger artists and the common misunderstandings that arise between different age groups.

Watch the full video to dive deeper into Birdman’s reflections on success, ownership, and mentorship in the music industry. Engage in the conversation in the comments section below to share your thoughts and experiences related to these topics. Whether you’re from the older wisdom-filled generation or the dynamic youth, your insights are valuable in this ongoing musical dialogue.


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