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Black Woman, Model Employee, Runs for Office, Boss Fires Her (video)

A longstanding employee of the Broward Clerk of Courts Office, Annette Daniels, was recently terminated, which she claims is due to her decision to run for the office against her current boss.

Retaliation or Policy? The Controversial Firing of Annette Daniels

Daniels, who had been with the office for 19 years, alleges that her firing was a retaliatory act, a sentiment echoed by her attorney, who called it a misuse of power.

Retaliation Claims by Annette Daniels

Annette Daniels, a model employee recognized for her dedication and excellent service, was suddenly fired last month.

Daniels, who had been selected as Clerk of the Month in April 2018, was praised for her commitment to providing exceptional customer service to the citizens of Broward County.

Despite her exemplary record, she was terminated on April 3rd, just hours after filing to run against her boss for the Clerk’s job.

Termination Email and Alleged Retaliation

The termination email Daniels received cited the need to uphold the principles of integrity, trust, and loyalty as outlined in the ethics HR policy 49.

Daniels, however, argues that there was no legitimate reason for her termination and that it was a direct response to her candidacy.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

According to state law, after Daniels officially qualifies to run in June, she would have ten days to resign her position. Being fired months before the qualification process is complete is unprecedented and problematic.

Daniels’ attorney contends that she should be allowed to continue working until she legally qualifies to run for office.

Loss of Benefits and Career Impact

Daniels’ termination has not only affected her immediate employment but also her benefits and pension.

Her attorney highlighted the significant impact this termination has on her career and financial stability, emphasizing that she should be entitled to continue her employment until she officially qualifies for candidacy.

Lack of Response from Clerk of Courts

Broward Clerk of Courts, Brenda Forman, denied requests for an on-camera interview and declined to answer questions by phone.

Forman, who was elected to a second term in 2020, has been in the spotlight before, notably for claiming that God talked to her and guided her decisions.

Daniels’ Determination to Run

Despite the setback, Daniels remains undeterred and is determined to run for the Broward County Clerk of Courts. She asserted that the removal of her picture from the clerk’s social media will not stop her campaign.

Public and Legal Reactions

The firing of Annette Daniels has sparked public interest and raised questions about the ethical implications of such a decision.

Legal experts suggest that if Daniels does not qualify to run, she should be allowed to return to her position. Her attorney has indicated that their next course of action may be to file an ethics complaint.


The termination of Annette Daniels from the Broward Clerk of Courts Office has brought to light potential issues of retaliation and misuse of power.

As Daniels prepares to continue her campaign, the situation underscores the complexities and potential conflicts in the intersection of employment and electoral candidacy within government offices.


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