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Brad Pitt Seeks to Repair Relationship with Kids (Video)

Shiloh’s Name Change Decision

Brad Pitt’s 18-year-old daughter, Shiloh, has officially requested to drop “Pitt” from her last name. This move came on May 27th, the day after her 18th birthday. Shiloh hired her own lawyer and paid for the process herself. Her mother, Angelina Jolie, was reportedly unaware of this decision.

Brad Pitt’s Reaction

A source close to Brad Pitt shared that he finds the situation upsetting and recognizes the difficulties it has brought to the family. Despite these challenges, Brad remains committed to being a father and has expressed his desire to repair his relationships with his children. He aims to continue growing and learning from his experiences to achieve a better place for everyone involved.

Past Public Appearances

Brad Pitt’s last public appearance with Shiloh was a decade ago at the premiere of “Unbroken.” Although it’s unclear when they last saw each other, Brad recently praised Shiloh’s dancing skills in an interview, expressing pride and admiration for her talent.

Vivien and Zahara’s Decisions

Shiloh is not the first of Brad’s children to distance themselves from him. His 15-year-old daughter, Vivien, dropped her dad’s last name from her playbill credit while working with her mother on the Broadway show “The Outsiders.” Additionally, 19-year-old Zahara changed her last name during her college sorority’s introduction ceremony last year.

Ongoing Divorce Battle

The name changes occur amid Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s prolonged and tumultuous seven-and-a-half-year-long divorce battle. Despite these personal and familial challenges, Brad Pitt remains hopeful and committed to repairing his relationship with his children.


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