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Britney Cartwright on Separation from Jax Taylor (Video)


The season finale of Bravo’s hit series The Valley provided a dramatic conclusion, featuring the opening of a new business and significant developments in the personal lives of its cast members.

Opening of Jax’s Studio City

The season was initially set to conclude with the opening of Jax Taylor’s new business, Jax’s Studio City. However, the cameras resumed filming six months later to capture more of the cast’s evolving stories.

Baby News from Janet

Janet, one of the show’s stars, welcomed her baby, Cameron. She expressed her joy and gratitude, sharing that her baby is healthy and happy. Janet also appreciated the support from her fellow cast members, especially as a new mother.

Michelle’s Decision to Leave Jesse

Michelle revealed her decision to leave her partner, Jesse, during the season. She mentioned that the discussions about their separation began a year prior, but the presence of cameras and having to openly discuss their issues made her realize how unhappy she was. Despite trying to work things out, the relationship ultimately ended due to longstanding struggles.

Britney and Jax’s Separation

Britney Cartwright and Jax Taylor had a heated conversation in the finale about their separation. Britney clarified that they are still separated and had agreed to explore other relationships if they wanted to. She addressed rumors about Jax dating other people and explained the difficulties of going through such a personal issue publicly. Britney also highlighted her disappointment in Jax’s actions, particularly regarding his mental health treatment, which she felt was not genuine.

Janet’s Role in Group Dynamics

Janet faced accusations of being a “puppeteer” in the group, allegedly forcing people to choose sides. She defended herself, stating that she simply wanted to have a good summer and maintain boundaries with people who were supportive. Janet dismissed the term “mastermind” as an exaggeration, explaining her intentions were misunderstood.

Reflections on the Season

The cast shared their highs and lows of the season:

  • Britney’s High and Low: Britney’s high was sharing her son, Cruise, with the audience. Her low was dealing with the turmoil in her relationship with Jax, although she also saw it as a moment of strength and truth.
  • Janet’s High and Low: Janet’s high was the safe arrival of her baby, Cameron. Her low was the deterioration of her friendship with Kristen.
  • Michelle’s High and Low: Michelle’s high was the joy of motherhood and engaging in activities with her child. Her low was seeing herself scream on TV, an unusual and uncomfortable experience for her.


Despite the ups and downs, the cast members of The Valley showcased their resilience and strong friendships throughout the season. The extended version of the season finale is set to stream on Peacock, providing fans with more insights into the lives of these women.


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