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Californication Rocks with Legendary Musicians to End Season on High Note

Marilyn MansonThis season of Showtime’s Californication took a decidedly musical turn with legendary Sex Pistols founder Steve Jones and Marilyn Manson making appearances in a storyline that cast star David Duchovny’s character ““ Hank Moody ““ writing a rock opera adaptation of his hit novel ““ “God Hates Us All.”As the series finale approaches Sunday April 7, it culminates with an all-star performance at the Greek Theatre in LA led by international comedy star ““ Tim Minchin ““ ending on a high note that your readers will no doubt be interested in seeing.  Here are some details on the episode:SEASON SYNOPSIS:Californication stars David Duchovny in his Golden Globe winning role as hedonistic novelist Hank Moody, who struggles to be a good father to his college-aged daughter Becca (Madeleine Martin), while still carrying a torch for her mother, his ex-girlfriend Karen (Natascha McElhone). This season, noted actress Maggie Grace (Lost) has signed on for nine episodes as the infamous rock groupie Faith, who develops an unconventional relationship with Hank. International comedy star Tim Minchin takes on the role of Atticus Fetch in eight episodes, a mad-as-a-hatter rock star who will write the music for the Broadway production of A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, a film whose screen play was adapted from Hank’s hit novel, God Hates Us All. Fetch enlists the ever-cynical Hank to collaborate on the project, which he calls “¦a rock opera about love conquering all.” Grace is joined in one episode by her former Lost Co-star Jorge Garcia as an old contact from Faith’s past, marking a reunion of sorts for the two actors. Notorious rocker Marilyn Manson also makes a guest appearance as himself.


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