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Candace Owens Addresses Accusations of Anti-Semitism and Controversies (Video)

Candace Owens recently addressed accusations of anti-Semitism, recounted past controversies, and offered to visit Israel and Gaza to report on the situation. This article highlights the main points and key moments from her address.

Candace Owens aims to clarify her stance and combat misinformation, emphasizing her history and intentions, and expressing a desire for truth and transparency.

Past Controversies

Candace Owens discussed several past controversies, including:

  • Hitler Comments: Owens clarified her 2018 comments on nationalism and Adolf Hitler. She stated that her remarks were taken out of context, causing significant backlash and stress.
  • Meeting with Simon Wiesenthal Center: She described a strange meeting at the Simon Wiesenthal Center where she had to clarify that she did not support Hitler.
  • Kanye West Incident: Owens recounted her involvement with Kanye West following his controversial tweets about Jewish people. She emphasized that her defense was based on her understanding of specific threats he received, not a blanket defense of anti-Semitism.

Media Scrutiny and Attacks

Owens discussed facing relentless attacks from journalists and individuals within the Jewish community, which she termed as “psychological terrorism.” She highlighted the power dynamics at play in media scrutiny and the personal and professional consequences she endured.

Offer to Visit Israel and Gaza

Candace Owens offered to visit Israel and Gaza to report firsthand on the situation. She expressed a desire to provide an unbiased account and challenged her critics to facilitate her trip to both regions.

Key Moments

  • Discussion with Rabbi Barkan: Owens appreciated Rabbi Barkan’s honesty despite their disagreements. She found his perspectives on anti-Semitism revealing.
  • Clarification of Hitler Comments: Owens played the original clip of her comments on Hitler to provide context and refute the claims against her.
  • Defending Against Smears: Owens shared her experiences of being targeted by journalists and offered to invite them onto her show to discuss their articles and accusations.
  • Kanye West and Jewish Community: Owens recounted her response to Kanye West’s controversial tweet and the subsequent backlash she faced, including financial consequences.
  • Invitation to Journalists: Owens publicly invited journalists to discuss their accusations against her on her show, emphasizing transparency and open dialogue.


Candace Owens concluded by reaffirming her commitment to truth and transparency. She expressed gratitude to her supporters and reiterated her stance against hatred and misinformation.

Additional Points

  • Owens described her experiences with media misrepresentation and the impact on her career.
  • She emphasized her fear of God over the media and other entities, underscoring her commitment to truth-telling.
  • Owens thanked her supporters, especially those from the Jewish community, for standing by her during these controversies.

Final Thoughts

Candace Owens’ address was a comprehensive attempt to clarify her position on various controversies, address misconceptions, and offer a transparent dialogue about her experiences and intentions.


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