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Caught: The Teen Behind Dania Beach’s Facebook Rental Scam (video)

An 18-year-old suspect has been apprehended in Dania Beach, accused of orchestrating an elaborate Facebook Marketplace scam that left an entire neighborhood in distress.

Caught: The Teen Behind Dania Beach's Facebook Rental Scam

The suspect, Maurice Ferrato, allegedly created fake rental ads using his neighbors’ cars, leading to multiple incidents of strangers showing up at their homes under false pretenses. This scam has highlighted a significant issue with online marketplace fraud.

Details of the Scam

Maurice Ferrato, only 18 years old, has been accused of creating fake rental ads on Facebook Marketplace. He used his neighbors’ cars in these ads, collecting deposits from unsuspecting victims.

These victims would then arrive at the given addresses, expecting to pick up their rented vehicles, only to find out they had been scammed.

Victims’ Reactions

Homeowners were left bewildered and frustrated as strangers arrived at their doors, insisting they were there to rent cars.

Many of these interactions turned violent as the victims of the scam confronted the bewildered homeowners. One resident, Robert Vasquez, reported that his son’s car was damaged during one such altercation.

Law Enforcement Investigation

The investigation into Ferrato’s activities was extensive. Deputies utilized a series of numbers, emails, and subpoenas to track the suspect. Companies like Google, Zelle, and Facebook provided crucial information that connected Ferrato to the scam.

He had multiple fake Facebook accounts and backup accounts to continue his fraudulent activities even if one account was shut down.

Charges and Legal Proceedings

Maurice Ferrato faces 13 different charges related to his fraudulent activities. His mother pleaded with the court for a lower bond, citing financial difficulties.

Currently, Ferrato’s bond is set at $50,000, and he has an upcoming hearing to potentially reduce this amount. The full extent of the scam is still being uncovered, with investigators working to determine the total number of victims involved.

Community Impact

The scam has left the Dania Beach community on edge, with residents feeling unsafe and distrustful. The fraudulent activities have not only caused financial loss but also emotional distress among the victims.

The case has drawn significant attention to the risks associated with online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace.

Preventive Measures

Authorities and experts are urging users of online marketplaces to exercise caution. They recommend verifying the legitimacy of rental ads and being wary of deals that seem too good to be true.

Additionally, meeting in safe, public places for transactions can help mitigate risks.

Updates and Ongoing Investigation

As the investigation continues, more details about Ferrato’s operations may emerge. The authorities are also looking into whether there are other individuals involved in the scam.

The community is advised to stay informed through local news outlets like Local10, which has been covering the story extensively.


The arrest of Maurice Ferrato has brought some relief to the Dania Beach community, but it also serves as a stark reminder of the dangers lurking in online marketplaces.

As this case unfolds, it underscores the importance of vigilance and caution when engaging in transactions on platforms like Facebook Marketplace.


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