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CBS Studios/NAACP Production Venture and The Black List today announce a new initiative to discover episodic writing talent whose work authentically represents the Black experience. CBS/NAACP’s production partnership, run by Sheila Ducksworth, will offer a WGA-minimum script deal to one of the writers identified by this initiative.

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The Black List will assist CBS Studios/NAACP in identifying a shortlist of talented writers who exemplify authentic storytelling of Black narratives through a submission period on that begins August 16 and is open until Nov. 16.

Interested writers with feature films, pilots, plays or theatrical musicals hosted on the Black List website can opt into consideration for this opportunity at no additional charge. Writers who do not currently have a script hosted on are encouraged to sign up and host their script for at least a week before the deadline to guarantee eligibility for this opportunity. They may also opt in to consideration for any of The Black List’s dozen other writer opportunities at no additional charge.

The Black List will then use all available data related to script submissions to determine a shortlist to be shared with CBS Studios/NAACP. Shortlisted writers may be asked to provide additional materials, such as a professional resume and personal statement, as part of the consideration process.

“The NAACP’s response to the release of ‘Birth of a Nation’ remains a criminally underappreciated moment in the history of cinema,” said Franklin Leonard, founder and CEO of The Black List. “It’s a real joy to partner with them and CBS Studios to find exceptional writers writing about the Black experience.”

“Our CBS team has seen tremendous growth in the breadth of writing talent from diverse voices that crosses our desks every day,” said Tiffany Smith-Anoa’i, EVP, Diversity and Inclusion West Coast at Paramount Global. “But what many of these gifted writers lack is a specific opportunity. This new initiative will provide us with a platform to reach and ultimately nurture writers who wish to tell compelling and inclusive stories that speak to the Black experience. And from a business perspective, it allows CBS to continue to build a pipeline for finding the very best content creators.”

“The Black List has provided a much-needed platform for writers to showcase their work and engage with industry leaders,” said Sheila Ducksworth, president of CBS/NAACP Production Venture. “We are very excited to participate in this new partnership, and we look forward to supporting the talents and endeavors of these dynamic storytellers.”

Writers of features, pilots, plays and musicals whose work can speak to the Black experience are encouraged to opt in for consideration on the Black List website starting today.


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