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Cedric: Toni Braxton’s ‘The Neighborhood’ Guest ‘Amazing

EXCLUSIVE: Cedric the Entertainer Says Toni Braxton ‘was amazing’ as Guest Star on ‘The Neighborhood’

Cedric: Toni Braxton's 'The Neighborhood' Guest 'Amazing

Tuesday on “The Talk” Cedric the Entertainer dishes on upcoming “The Neighborhood” guest stars, Tony Gonzalez and newly announced Toni Braxton.

He reveals, “Oh man, Tony [Gonzalez] was great…he was fun, man, a really great dude, just came on and really rocked the roll for us.” Cedric goes on to talk about Braxton, “This is really special, because we have Toni Braxton coming on the show.

We based this, loosely based off of Marcel Spears, who plays my younger son, Marty. In real life, his girl went into labor at the Beyoncé concert. And it made news, and it was a little Renaissance baby they had. So we wanted to emulate that, and we tried to get Beyoncé and you know, she said she was doing a cowboy movie or something.

No, but you know Toni was great, cause we were starting to work on the [Las Vegas] residency, and it was just a great opportunity. And she was amazing, had so much fun, she came on the show and just really enjoyed being on a sitcom.”

Guest co-host Lisa Ling asks, “Is she going to sing at all?” Cedric jokes, “She didn’t sing on the show. You know, that costs from the record company, that’s a whole other deal.”


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