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Charlamagne Hits the Road Promoting New Book: “Get Honest or Die Lying: Why Small Talk Sucks” (video)

Charlamagne Tha God’s New Book: “Get Honest or Die Lying: Why Small Talk Sucks”

Charlamagne Tha God, host of the nationally syndicated morning radio show “The Breakfast Club” and founder and CEO of iHeartRadio’s Black Effect Podcast Network, discusses the rise of trivial conversations and the importance of meaningful dialogue in his new book, “Get Honest or Die Lying: Why Small Talk Sucks.

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For fourteen years, Charlamagne has co-hosted “The Breakfast Club,” establishing himself as a culture mover and thought leader. Known for his authentic on-air presence, he has conducted memorable interviews with figures like President Biden, Sean “Jay-Z” Carter, Judy Blume, Kamala Harris, and Soulja Boy. His influence on American culture continues to expand.

In “Get Honest or Die Lying: Why Small Talk Sucks,” Charlamagne broadens his perspective, embracing his roles as a cultural curator, social commentator, job creator, mental health advocate, and father. He argues that societal divisions and dissatisfaction stem from a lack of meaningful conversations. Through his irreverent style, he examines the world through a personal lens, offering insights on growth, empowerment, and evolution.

The book addresses themes such as fame, money, social media, politics, hip-hop culture, and fatherhood. Charlamagne shares personal stories and calls for honesty in our interactions, urging readers to engage in deeper, more honest conversations.

Get Honest or Die Lying Why Small Talk Sucks » black effect podcast network

“Get Honest or Die Lying: Why Small Talk Sucks” is Charlamagne’s most insightful and heartfelt work, challenging readers to reject superficiality and embrace meaningful dialogue.


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