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Corey Harris Busted Driving with Suspended License by Washtenaw County Court Judge J. Cedric Simpson (Video)


On a recent court session, Corey Harris was found driving with a suspended license during his virtual court appearance. The case was presided over by Washtenaw County Court Judge J. Cedric Simpson.

Virtual Court Appearance

During the session, Assistant Public Defender Natalie represented Corey Harris. Harris joined the Zoom call while he was driving to his doctor’s office. He informed the court that he was parking at the time of the call.

Request for Adjournment

The defense requested a four-week adjournment. However, Judge Simpson noted the inconsistency of Harris driving without a valid license, given that the charges involved driving with a suspended license.

Judge’s Decision

Judge Simpson reviewed Harris’s record and confirmed that his license was suspended. The Judge found Harris’s actions contradictory to the charges against him.


As a result, Judge Simpson revoked Harris’s bond and ordered him to turn himself into Washtenaw County Jail by 6:00 p.m. Failure to comply would result in a bench warrant with no bond.

Case Conclusion

The session concluded with the court moving on to the next case, as the consequences for Harris were clearly laid out by Judge Simpson.


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