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Cory “Coco Brother” Condrey Gets Kirk Franklin to Open Up and Takes Him to the Club

IMG_9648Cory “Coco Brother” Condrey has done it again, bringing us real radio at its best, this time with Grammy Award winner Kirk Franklin!This Weekend on Hip-Hop, R&B and Gospel stations around the world, look for the exclusive “real talk” interview w/ Kirk.Kirk talks about his new CD and remember the Oprah interview a few years back? Kirk broke the news of his struggles with porhubography on Cory’s show first which led to that interview. Years later listeners will be happy to know that Kirk overcame porhubography then and is STILL walking in victory. Kirk talks how R. Kelly got saved through him and that the problem with R. Kelly is his label and surroundings didn’t get saved. Listeners will also be able to hear how Coco Brother took Kirk Franklin to Atlanta’s hottest night club to preach to gangsters. Cory said,He thought Kirk would be scared to go with him, but…..Kirk got Gangsta… maybe too Gangsta. Lol!” All jokes aside, I firmly believe that Kirk keeping it real was one of the reasons thousands came to Christ that night. I decided to replay part of Kirk’s message in this show because that’s what we promote here on Coco Brother Live. Regardless of your status in life, people like Kirk and myself are real folks who go through the same stuff but keep it real enough to let people know that the same God who helps us will help them too. I won’t spoil this weekend interview but it’s definitely amazing radio and ministry!Click here to listen to promo for Coco Brother Weekend show this week: https://bit.ly/1X5tc3c.


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