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Diddy, Abuse Tape

Gene Deal, a former associate of Diddy, also known as Sean Combs, discusses the potential end of Diddy’s career in the entertainment industry.


According to Deal, Diddy’s situation is comparable to Ray Rice’s, suggesting that following serious allegations, Diddy might not recover professionally.

Diddy’s Alleged Self-Destructive Comments

In an emotional statement, Deal recounts a time when Diddy allegedly expressed suicidal thoughts following a distressing event at City College.

This was communicated to Deal by ASAP Ferg’s father, leading to a broader discussion about Diddy’s mental state and resilience.

Accusations of Narcissism and Influence

Deal describes Diddy as narcissistic, with a career built on being in the public eye and absorbing others’ dreams for his benefit.

He argues that Diddy’s actions have led his followers towards detrimental lifestyles, equating his influence to “leading people into damnation.”

Historical Context of Diddy’s Fame

Diddy’s rise to prominence is tied to the deaths of notable figures like Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. Deal alleges that Diddy created environments that facilitated these high-profile tragedies, which subsequently propelled his fame in the late 1990s.

Financial Disputes and Artistic Theft

Deal accuses Diddy of financially exploiting artists like Source Money, who allegedly wrote the lyrics for the hit song “Missing You,” but wasn’t compensated for years. This pattern of behavior, Deal suggests, has harmed many artists financially and personally.

Ethical Reflections and Future Implications

The blog post concludes by reflecting on the moral and ethical implications of Diddy’s alleged actions, suggesting that a reckoning may be unavoidable.

Deal’s narrative portrays Diddy as a complex figure whose professional legacy is marred by controversy and alleged misconduct.


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