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“Euphoria:” Kendrick Lamar’s Answer to Drake’s AI Voice Drama” (audio)

In the latest chapter of the ongoing rivalry between Kendrick Lamar and Drake, tensions have escalated following the release of Lamar’s new track “Euphoria.” This release comes as a direct response to a series of diss tracks from Drake, which have not only intensified their feud but also drawn in figures from across the music industry.

The Story Behind “Euphoria”

“Euphoria” emerges not just as a track but as a bold statement from Kendrick Lamar, tackling head-on the issues and controversies stirred up by Drake’s recent works. Notably, Drake’s track “Taylor Made Freestyle” utilized artificial intelligence to mimic the voice of the legendary 2Pac, leading to significant backlash and legal threats from 2Pac’s estate. Lamar seizes on this controversial choice in “Euphoria,” criticizing Drake’s approach and ethics in the music industry.

Lyrics That Cut Deep

In the lyrics of “Euphoria,” Lamar does not hold back. He references past conflicts and paints Drake as a “master manipulator and habitual liar,” questioning his integrity and actions. The track also nods to other prominent figures in the rap scene, such as J. Cole and Pusha T, suggesting a broader commentary on the nature of relationships and rivalries within the industry.

Industry Reaction

The song has been met with acclaim, particularly from those within Lamar’s circle. Collaborators and fans alike have praised the track for its lyrical sharpness and its boldness in addressing complex issues. The music community is abuzz, dissecting every line for deeper meanings and possible repercussions.

Drake’s Silence

As of now, Drake has not publicly responded to “Euphoria.” This silence is notable, given the direct challenges posed by Lamar’s lyrics. The rap community and fans are eagerly watching to see if this will provoke a new response from Drake or if he will choose a different path to address the criticisms laid against him.

A New Chapter in Hip-Hop Rivalries

With “Euphoria,” Kendrick Lamar has not only contributed a new anthem to his discography but has also sparked a fresh wave of debates about authenticity, artistic integrity, and the personal dynamics at play in the world of hip-hop. This track is likely to be remembered as a significant moment in the ongoing dialogue between two of rap’s biggest names.

For more on this unfolding story and to hear “Euphoria,” you can visit Kendrick Lamar’s official music page or tune into major streaming platforms where the track is currently featured.


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