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First Trailer Drops for Killer Mike’s Netflix Series’Trigger Warning’

theindustry.bizRun the Jewels’ outspoken Killer Mike will receive a six-episode series on Netflix, Trigger Warning, set to drop Jan. 18th. The trailer debuted today for the series, described as a’subversive comedy documentary series’. The show’s summary, and trailer, below:“Trigger Warning is about examining cultural taboos and giving viewers the space to examine the ‘what ifs’ and ‘why nots’ that limit how some people move and operate in the world,” Mike explained in a statement. “In six episodes, we explore the human condition using nontraditional approaches. Not everyone will agree with my methods (and some of what we’re putting out is fuging crazy), but this show is about embracing your freedom to challenge societal expectations and conformity. This show is if an anarchist determined the status quo.”[youtube]


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