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From Behind Bars to Passing THE Bar, Black Woman Defies Odds (video)

Afrika Owes, a 30-year-old single mother and former inmate, recently garnered attention for her remarkable achievement: passing the New York bar exam on her first try. Her journey from incarceration to becoming a lawyer is a testament to her resilience and determination.

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From Behind Bars to Passing THE Bar, Black Woman Defies Odds (video) 2

Afrika Owes, who spent time in prison as a teenager under the New York Youthful Offender program, pursued education relentlessly, obtaining her GED and later graduating from Fordham University School of Law. Her success is especially notable given the challenges faced by Black test takers and the rarity of formerly incarcerated individuals entering the legal profession. Owes attributes her accomplishment to the unwavering support of her community and family.

Afrika Owes Could Have Given Up…

Having faced numerous challenges during her journey, including incarceration at the age of 17 for gang-related charges, Afrika Owes’s story is one of overcoming adversity. Despite these obstacles, she remained steadfast in her pursuit of education and career goals, ultimately achieving her dream of becoming an attorney.

Afrika Owes’s success is not only a personal triumph but also a source of inspiration for others with similar backgrounds. She hopes to encourage individuals from underprivileged or disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue careers in law or other impactful fields.

Afrika Owes: New Life, New Options, New Opportunities

In addition to her legal aspirations, Afrika Owes is committed to contributing to her community. She plans to specialize in tax law at a prominent law firm and aims to secure a judicial clerkship in the future to further enhance her legal expertise.

The challenges faced by formerly incarcerated individuals, particularly Black people, in rebuilding their lives after release are substantial. Systemic racism, coupled with the difficulties of re-entry, creates formidable barriers to success. From employment discrimination to housing instability, lack of access to education, and limited social support, the road to reintegration is fraught with obstacles.

What King of Options Do Formerly Incarcertated People Have

Despite these challenges, there are resources available to support formerly incarcerated individuals in their journey toward a brighter future. Re-entry programs, legal aid organizations, and opportunities for education and skill-building can provide crucial assistance. Building a strong support network and advocating for systemic change are also essential steps in overcoming the barriers to successful reintegration.

Ultimately, while the road to a better life after incarceration may be long and arduous, with determination, perseverance, and support, formerly incarcerated individuals like Afrika Owes can overcome challenges and build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.


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