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Gerrod Carmichael Fantasizes About Being a Slave with White Boyfriend! (video)

Gerrod Carmichael’s brutal honesty comes back to haunt him, and it’s also contradictory. When he hosted the Golden Globes over a year ago, he insinuated that it was a racist organization, and that was the reason he was called in to host it.

It was an effort to change their reputation that failed miserably. Then in his new series, he is seen on the couch sucking his white boyfriend’s toes and then admitting that he enjoys playing a slave while his boyfriend plays the master.

No doubt this not only alienates him from the black community but also the black LGBTQ community, but he doesn’t seem to care. Finally, he attacks Dave Chappelle, calling him transphobic and claiming that is what Dave’s legacy is going to be.

Still, Chappelle is eons ahead of Carmichael when it comes to a fanbase and industry credibility. Why is Gerrod going off the deep end like this, and what is he trying to accomplish?


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