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God Exists! Man Attempts to Kill Preacher During Church Services (Video)

On a recent Sunday in North Braddock, Pennsylvania, a shocking incident unfolded during a church service when a man suddenly pointed a gun at Pastor Glenn Germany. The event occurred during the pastor’s sermon and was captured on the church’s live stream.

Gun Jam Saves Lives in Attempted Church Shooting in North Braddock

Witnesses report that the gunman attempted to fire the weapon, but it jammed, preventing any shots from being fired.

Church Members’ Brave Response

As the gunman raised the weapon, quick-reacting church members intervened. One individual, later identified as a deacon, approached the gunman from behind and managed to subdue him after a struggle.

During the altercation, the deacon successfully disarmed the assailant, removing the immediate threat to the congregation.

Heroic Actions Praised

Pastor Germany praised the courage of the deacon and other church members who acted swiftly to prevent potential harm. The deacon’s actions were particularly highlighted as heroic, as he risked his own life to protect the congregation.

The community has since recognized him as a key figure in averting a tragedy.

Gunman’s Background and Motive

The pastor noted that he had seen the gunman before, as the individual had frequented the church, occasionally making eye contact and smiling at him. However, the motive behind the attempted attack remains unclear.

The Pennsylvania State Police have taken the gunman into custody, where he faces attempted murder charges.


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