Friday, June 14, 2024
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Gonzo Fitness Introduces Cloud-Based Personal Training

GONZO FITNESS LOGOThis is an interesting concept to say the least.  In response to the growing need for “at home” personal training, Gonzo Fitness has created a cloud-based platform that brings personal training to your home or gym for the low price of $24.99. The company delivers fitness training to customers through, iPhone, and Droid.The company’s first product offers advanced fitness and MMA training packaged in a 100-day program. It provides 16 workouts, over 200 instructional video clips, and a daily nutrition plan. It is the first in a line of fitness training programs that Gonzo Fitness will release within their delivery network.Addressing the need for Gonzo Fitness, Kevin Carney, Co-Founder, stated, “We were frustrated with the high cost of trainers and gyms. We were annoyed with DVDs and fitness models. So we gave everything, even recycled cans when money was tight, to produce an accessible and affordable fitness system. The result … high-intensity training delivered through high technology at a price that most people can afford.”Brian Carney, his brother and co-founder, continued by saying, “Gonzo Fitness replaces the fitness industry’s pageantry with gritty, rigorous, and effective fitness training. Our customers can follow the program exactly or utilize our exercises and nutrition plans as resource material for customized experiences that they create. Regardless, our customers make gains.”For additional information, please visit About Gonzo Fitness


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