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Halle Berry Champions New Bill for Women’s Health in Menopause (Video)

Halle Berry recently made a significant public appearance to champion a bipartisan bill aimed at enhancing healthcare for women, particularly those in midlife and experiencing menopause.

Halle Berry Champions New Bill for Women’s Health in Menopause

At the event, Berry emphasized the importance of this health issue as a non-politicized, human rights concern that affects all women.

Bipartisan Support for Women’s Health

During her speech, Berry thanked Senators Murray and Makowski for their leadership and support in co-leading the initiative.

She highlighted the bipartisan nature of the movement, stressing that menopause and women’s health should transcend political divides, as these are critical issues affecting women’s rights and well-being universally.

Menopause: More Than Just a Physical Change

Berry passionately spoke about the societal misconceptions surrounding menopause, advocating against the stigma that it only affects “old women” and should be dismissed as insignificant.

She shared her personal experience, noting that at 58 years old, she is embarking on new ventures and continues to contribute significantly to society, challenging the outdated notion that women should fade into obscurity as they age.

Comprehensive Healthcare Needs During Menopause

The actress discussed the comprehensive impacts of menopause, which affect every part of a woman’s body, including brain health.

She stressed the importance of knowledgeable healthcare conversations that address all aspects of women’s health during midlife.

Personal Encounter with Healthcare Professionals

Berry recounted a personal experience with a healthcare provider to illustrate the discomfort and stigma still associated with discussing menopause openly.

She expressed frustration over the reluctance of medical professionals to address menopause directly, underscoring the need for destigmatization.

Call to Action for Comprehensive Women’s Healthcare

Concluding her speech, Berry called on all women and legislators to recognize the importance of dedicated healthcare for women in midlife and beyond.

She urged everyone to demand better support and resources to ensure women’s health issues are adequately addressed and prioritized.


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