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Woman Gets Ripped Off Using Angi Services For Repair (Video)

In recent years, online platforms like Angie, born from the merger of Angie’s List and Home Advisor, have become go-to solutions for homeowners needing repairs. 

These services promise to connect users with reliable and vetted professionals. However, a troubling investigation by senior reporter Bob Siegel reveals significant flaws in these referral systems.

The Troubling Experience of India Anderson

India Anderson’s ordeal began with her refrigerator breaking down. Desperate for a quick fix, she turned to Angie, trusting its promise to link her with top-rated contractors. She selected Appliance Pros, a contractor directly recommended by Angie. 

The repairman, Ray Begley, diagnosed the issue and quoted $614 for the necessary parts, demanding immediate cash payment upfront. Anderson complied, but that was the last she saw of him.

Investigative Findings on Contractor Vetting Failures

Further investigation into Begley’s background uncovered a lengthy criminal record, including serious offenses that spanned decades. 

Shockingly, Angie’s background checks only cover a seven-year period, which allowed Begley’s earlier crimes to go unnoticed. This incident underscores a significant gap in the safety measures of online referral platforms. 

While Angie claims to conduct thorough checks, the system only scrutinizes business owners or principals, not all employees.

Industry-Wide Issues and Consumer Risks

This case is not isolated. Over the past decade, Angie and Home Advisor have faced over 100 complaints in Indiana alone, often related to unlicensed contractors or those with criminal backgrounds. Despite these platforms’ claims of rigorous standards, their vetting processes have substantial limitations, posing risks to unsuspecting consumers.

Advice from Consumer Watchdogs

Consumer watchdog Teresa Murray emphasizes that while online referral sites can be a helpful starting point, they are no substitute for personal diligence. Homeowners should verify if contractors are licensed, bonded, and well-reviewed. 


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