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Industry Icon Jerry Boulding Dies

Originally posted on 2013-11-29 12:07:16 is sad to report that industry radio icon Jerry “The Doctor” Boulding, 75, has passed. He had been very ill over the last couple of weeks and he died on the evening of Thanksgiving. I worked with Jerry at Urban Network and can honestly say that he was the most brilliant radio mind in the industry. He hired me at Urban Network in the early 1990s after I was a programmer at KDKO in Denver and he showed me the ropes from a national perspective. The greatest thing about Jerry Boulding that I admired most was that he could recite the resume of anyone in the industry when you mentioned their name. Working at Urban Network was the catalyst for me to start my own magazine, the experience was incredibly valuable thanks to Jerry.  I have never met someone who loved radio as much as he did. RIP Doctor Boulding you will always be the greatest radio icon to me. Kev Ross Nov 2013

Originally posted on 2013-11-29 12:07:16


  1. A true Icon and legend a man that knew all the aspect of the game. Jerry was my diary coach when I programmed the Wiz in Cincy. At that time he took me to the Arbitron house in Maryland and showed me how the diary’s work and how to find or get those lost ratings and where your diary s were being placed in the market. It was a trip that every programmer needs to take in their career. never forget at the Urban Radio conference when the “Doctor” showed up in military gear for the workshops and the seminars. He was intense when it came to the radio game. Great mentor and friend and a person that will definitely be missed. R.I.P. my friend

  2. Wow, Doc will be seriously missed the last time we spoke was in 2012. But he was and will always be a friend and mentor. RIP Doc.

    Jim St. James

  3. Sad to hear about industry veteran and my mentor and friend “Doctor” Jerry Boulding passing. Jerry was my diary coach when I was PD at the Wiz in Cincy. Jerry and I took a trip to the Arbitron ratings house in Maryland where I learned about how the Diary worked, how to read the diary s and find lost ratings by go thru each and every diary. It was intense 2 days but gave me so much insight. Never forget attending the Urban Network radio conference where the “Doctor” would show up in military gear for the seminars. He was very focused about the industry he love. R.I.P. sir you will be missed

  4. Doc,

    Thank you so much for everything.

    We all will miss you and we, your friends, LOVED you.

    I will truly cherish and miss our chats.It won’t be the same with you no longer here.I will use the knowledge you so freely gave me, to be a better man!

    Again my brother,thank you so much 4 EVERYTHING.I hope your book will be released!

    Aaron and Mrs Boulding,thanks for sharing him with us. My sincere and deepest condolences on your sudden loss. Doc was a great man ,teacher,role model and friend to us,his radio/music sisters and brothers !! I am extremely SAD but take solace in knowing he is no longer sick and in pain and is now in a much better place.

  5. Jerry Boulding was one of the greatest radio people I’ve ever come to know. He had a PASSION for Radio that you don’t see anymore. He was always a gentleman and would talk to anyone about Radio. He will truly be missed.
    Terri Avery

  6. .Sad to hear about Jerry,What great Guy and yes a Genius of the Radio Industry.Jerry was once a Guest in my home here in Memphis.I Always enjoyed Jerry’s Company whenever I saw him,RIP Jerry…. Job well Done

  7. Jerry was my mentor and inspiration. He took me out of Boston and put me under his wing. Always had time for anyone who showed the slight interest in being in Radio. I will truly miss him.

    Vern Catron

  8. Jerry will be sadly missed. He was truly a one of a kind. His love for Radio was unprecedented. He was a visionary even prior to his death. It was Jerry who keep me focused on what was hot and what was not when it came to Urban Music. He would go out of his way to help new and established artist. Jerry keep it real. Man I’m gonna miss him. I never thought I would have to say RIP in honor or the Doctor!

  9. This is super sad news!!! Words can’t explain how hurt I am to hear that we’ve lost him!!! He was a genuine, loving, radio passionate, caring soul who offered so much to not only me but also to this industry & I am going to miiiiiiiss him so much! We now have another angel looking over us & until we meet again, I love & appreciate you Jerry & all you’ve offered! I’ll forever be grateful for the wisdom, knowledge, encouragement, love & push you’ve extended over the years! #RIP #GoneButNeverForgotten #RestEasy

  10. Never thought I’d every be saying goodbye to one of my mentors in radio … Love Doc. One of the most brilliant radio minds in the game, he taught me to be patient, you will be missed.


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