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Marilyn Mosby: Justice or Revenge for Helping Black Men? (video)

Former Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby Seeks Presidential Pardon Amid Legal Battles

Marilyn Mosby, once celebrated as the youngest Chief Prosecutor of any major American city, now finds herself on the opposite side of the courtroom. Convicted in two separate federal trials, Mosby faces the possibility of spending up to 40 years in prison. As her sentencing date approaches, she continues to fight for her freedom and seeks a pardon from President Biden.

Mosby’s attorney, Angela Rye, frames the situation as political retaliation. Rye points out that progressive and Black women prosecutors have been disproportionately targeted, emphasizing the investigation into Mosby began during Donald Trump’s presidency.

Mosby gained national attention in 2015 for her role in prosecuting six officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray, a case that sparked widespread reforms. Despite not securing convictions in that case, Mosby successfully convicted 33 police officers for rights violations and established Maryland’s first Conviction Integrity Unit, which exonerated 13 innocent men.

The recent trials against Mosby revolve around accusations of falsifying documents to withdraw money from her retirement account and to purchase two homes in Florida. Prosecutors argue that she falsely claimed financial hardship to take advantage of a COVID-19 relief provision. Mosby maintains that her actions were based on advice she received and that the money in question was her own.

In the mortgage fraud trial, Mosby was convicted of falsely claiming a $5,000 gift from her husband, a transaction prosecutors likened to money laundering. Critics argue that while Mosby faces up to 40 years in prison, a more realistic sentence would be around 20 months.

Mosby describes the investigation as extensive and intrusive, impacting her personal and professional life. She claims it led to her losing her re-election, her marriage, and significant financial resources. Despite these challenges, Mosby remains hopeful and steadfast in her belief that a pardon would correct what she sees as an injustice.

Mosby’s plea for a pardon centers on preventing her disbarment, which would strip her of her ability to practice law. She remains optimistic, relying on her faith, and hopes to rebuild her life and continue supporting her two daughters.

As her sentencing draws near, the future remains uncertain for Marilyn Mosby, but her resolve to clear her name and seek justice continues unabated.


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