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Jadakiss Says Hip-Hop Needs a Union (video)

The Debt of the Rap Industry

In this Steven A. Smith segment, Jadakiss delves into who the rap industry owes its success to and reflects on its evolution.

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Jadakiss Says Hip-Hop Needs a Union (video) 2

Acknowledging the Pioneers

Jadakiss emphasizes the lack of acknowledgment and support for the pioneers of Hip Hop, discussing initiatives like a potential union.

Reflections on P Diddy

The conversation shifts to P Diddy’s contributions and controversies, with Jadakiss expressing his thoughts on the allegations against him.

Industry Perspectives on P Diddy

Exploring how P Diddy is perceived in the hip hop industry, from mogul status to his impact on business mentality and work ethic.

Jadakiss’s Experience with P Diddy

Personal anecdotes highlight Jadakiss’s relationship with P Diddy, discussing business acumen, work ethic, and the impact on his career.

Energized for the Future

Closing thoughts focus on Jadakiss’s upcoming tour and newfound energy, influenced by fasting and lessons learned from the industry.


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