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Kel Mitchell Reveals Very Dark Period in His Life (video)

Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson, stars of the popular ’90s Nickelodeon show “Kenan & Kel,” experienced a fallout that many fans were unaware of.

Kel Mitchell Reveals Shocking Truth Behind Split with Kenan Thompson

This rift between the comedic duo stemmed from a combination of personal and professional struggles that Mitchell faced, which he detailed in an interview on the YouTube channel “Club Shay Shay.”

Early Tensions and Miscommunication

Mitchell explained that the split between him and Thompson began during the production of their show. He revealed that the head writer of the show was involved in a movie project and initially wanted Mitchell to be part of it.

Mitchell suggested including Thompson, but the producers decided otherwise. This decision was made more complex due to Mitchell’s strained relationship with the head writer, causing further tension.

Personal Struggles

Mitchell’s personal life was also in turmoil. He was dealing with the murder of two uncles and a close friend, all occurring around the same time. These tragedies, coupled with the stress of constant work and a tumultuous marriage, took a heavy toll on him.

His ex-wife had an abortion, after which she revealed that the child wasn’t his. This revelation, along with other issues, caused significant strain in their marriage, which began under a lie.

Professional Pressures

Despite his personal struggles, Mitchell continued working on various projects. He appeared in the movie “Mystery Men,” but it didn’t achieve the expected success.

During this period, he felt isolated from his co-stars, including Thompson, who couldn’t relate to his experiences of marriage and fatherhood. This isolation extended to the professional realm, where Mitchell felt unsupported by producers and writers.

Contemplating Suicide

At one point, Mitchell reached a breaking point. He considered ending his life while in Canada for a movie shoot.

He was struggling with his toxic relationship and the pressures of his career. A divine intervention led him to reconsider, helping him to move forward and seek a better life.

Reconciliation with Kenan

Years later, Mitchell and Thompson reconnected. They had an hour-long conversation where Mitchell shared the personal struggles he had kept hidden.

This conversation was a turning point, leading to a renewed bond between the two. They collaborated again on “Good Burger 2” and have discussed future projects.

Moving Forward

Mitchell emphasized the importance of communication and not letting external voices drive a wedge between relationships.

He highlighted how both he and Thompson were manipulated by others during their time apart but vowed not to let that happen again. Now, they speak daily, strengthening their bond as brothers and colleagues.


The story of Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson’s fallout is a testament to the challenges that personal and professional lives can bring.

Despite the struggles, their reconciliation shows the power of communication and forgiveness. As they continue to work together, fans can look forward to more projects from this iconic duo.


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