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Kendrick Lamar or AI? Diss for Drake (audio)

Kendrick Lamar, or someone else, posted a diss track in response to Drake’s “Push Ups” and many people are split on whether this is Kendrick or generated by AI.

There’s a major debate about the authenticity of this leaked Kendrick Lamar diss track. Some listeners point out that it doesn’t sound like Kendrick’s usual style and might be AI-generated or a leak from an unfinished project. Others believe it’s real and part of a larger diss track.

Opinions on the quality of the song vary greatly. Some think it’s weak or underwhelming, especially compared to Drake’s diss track. Others find it strong and intimidating, even if short.

The targets of the diss track are also up for debate. Some listeners believe it targets Drake and J. Cole, while others think it might be more focused on Drake. There are also mentions of shots fired at Metro Boomin, Future, The Weeknd, and Nav.

If this is a real diss track, many people believe it raises the stakes in the ongoing rap feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. There’s a lot of anticipation for Kendrick’s full response.

The Breakfast Club Discusses Drake’s Diss Track “Push Ups”

Charlamagne Tha God: We have a lot to unpack here. So, Jess Hilarious, you saw Drake’s leaked diss track “Push Ups”?

Jess Hilarious: Yeah, at first I thought it might be AI-generated because the bars were so good, but then I realized only Drake would know certain details.

Charlamagne: Right, and it caused a stir because he goes after a lot of people – Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, Nav, Rick Ross, Future, Metro Boomin…

**Breakdown of Drake’s Lyrics

(Jess Hilarious reads lyrics)

  • “I could never be nobody number one fan, your first number one I had to put it in your hand” (directed at Future and Kendrick)
  • “See that was all towards Future and Kendrick” (confirmation)
  • “He had took some shots at Kendrick Lamar…The Weeknd…Nav…Rick Ross…Future and Metro Boomin” (listing targets)
  • “What’s a prince to a King, he’s a son” (directed at Kendrick)
  • “Metro shut your ass up and make some Dr. Dre” (directed at Metro Boomin)
  • “20 V 1” (refers to a social media trend, not created by Drake)
  • “Cash’s little blunt runner” (directed at Cash XO and The Weeknd)
  • “He mentioned Kendrick’s wife…” (Drake references Whitney)
  • “Drake delivered a top tier response” (Charlamagne’s opinion)

**Charlamagne’s Take

  • Impressed by Drake’s diss track “Push Ups”
  • Believes Drake went further than Kendrick’s subliminal shots
  • Thinks Kendrick is now “on the clock” to respond

**Jess Hilarious’ Take

  • Doesn’t approve of Drake mentioning Kendrick’s wife (as implied)

**Discussion on Rick Ross’ Diss Track

  • Rick Ross responded with “Champagne Moments” dissing Drake’s appearance
  • Drake responded on Instagram with humor, calling Ross racist

**Charlamagne on the “Main Event”

  • Believes Drake vs. Kendrick is the most anticipated matchup
  • Thinks Kendrick needs to respond soon with a strong diss track


  • The Breakfast Club dissected Drake’s diss track “Push Ups” and its targets.
  • Charlamagne is impressed by Drake’s effort and believes Kendrick has the pressure to respond well.


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