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Leading the Charge: Black-Owned Advertising Powerhouse Burrell Reorganizes for Growth

Burrell Revamps Leadership Team for Future Growth

Pioneering Black-owned advertising agency Burrell Communications Group has announced a strategic restructuring, including the appointment and promotion of key leaders. This all-star team will guide Burrell’s continued success under CEO Tara DeVeaux.

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The new leadership structure focuses on building “centers of brilliance” around core disciplines while streamlining operations. This will allow Burrell to strategically evolve and remain competitive. The team’s focus includes enhancing overall employee performance, sharing and integrating best practices across client teams, maximizing collaboration between departments, and identifying ongoing training and development opportunities.

Leading Burrell’s departments are seasoned professionals: Leslie Alexander (Director of Project Management), Vicki Bolton (Senior Vice President and Head of Account Management), Stephen French (Head of Strategy), Donna Hodge (Head of Media Services), Mike Mitchell (Chief Financial Officer), Tuwisha Rogers (Vice President and Director of Brand Development), Khari Streeter (Chief Creative Officer), and Ailine Tan (Senior Vice President of Operations).

“I’m incredibly excited about this team,” said CEO Tara DeVeaux. “They have impressive track records and are the best in their fields. They’re driven to win and ready to lead Burrell into a prosperous future. Our entire staff and clients are thrilled to have them on board.”


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