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Man in Viral Court Driving Case Gets Worse (video)

Man in Viral Court Driving Case Gets More Than He Bargained For

Remember the guy caught driving during his virtual suspended license hearing? Well, there’s a new twist in the saga!

Corey Harris appeared in court hoping to clear his name, but things went sideways fast. The judge revealed Harris may have never even had a valid driver’s license!

Apparently, Harris claimed his license suspension was lifted 2 years ago, but the judge says that never happened. Harris supposedly never paid the fees to get his license reinstated. Oops!

But wait, there’s more! Turns out Harris might have been fibbing about having a license altogether. When asked by reporters, he couldn’t recall ever having one.

This contradicts what happened during a traffic stop in 2022. The officer and prosecutor say Harris seemed aware of needing a license. Uh oh!

To top it all off, Harris was arrested on an unrelated 9-year-old warrant! This whole ordeal serves as a reminder: take care of your business, folks!


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