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Massive Auto Theft Bust: 369 Stolen Vehicles Recovered in Ontario (video)

Ontario police have made significant progress in an ongoing investigation into a highly orchestrated criminal operation involving stolen vehicles.

Massive Auto Theft Bust: 369 Stolen Vehicles Recovered in Ontario

Since October 2023, hundreds of stolen automobiles intended for foreign markets have been recovered, and numerous arrests have been made. This blog post provides a detailed account of the investigation, the methods used by the criminals, and the outcomes so far.

Investigation Overview

The investigation began in October 2023, targeting a criminal operation responsible for stealing and exporting vehicles overseas.

The operation involved multiple individuals using various methods, including violent carjackings, to steal vehicles. The police have identified 26 suspects, of which 16 have been arrested.

Key Findings

  • Number of Vehicles Recovered: 369
  • Value of Recovered Vehicles: $33.2 million
  • Additional Seizures: Three transport trucks and two stolen Bobcats
  • Number of Charges: 340 charges laid, with 322 auto theft-related offenses

Arrests and Charges

The investigation has led to the arrest of several individuals, both within and outside Ontario. The police have identified and arrested 16 suspects from the Peel region, as well as individuals from Quebec.

Notable Arrests

  • Clens SL Fant (21 years old): A Quebec resident charged with auto theft-related offenses.
  • G Jinder Singh (29 years old): A Bolton resident involved in the loading and exporting of stolen vehicles.
  • Valir Singh, Alba John, Nura Claen St Florant, Muhammad Sidiki, AED Mayo, and Yol Alm: These individuals were already on release orders for auto theft-related offenses at the time of their arrest.

Criminal Methods

The criminal operation employed several methods to steal vehicles, including:

  • Violent Carjackings: Some vehicles were stolen through violent confrontations with the owners.
  • Other Methods: Various undisclosed methods were used to steal vehicles, all aimed at shipping them overseas.

Recovery and Impact

The recovery of 369 vehicles and other assets has significantly impacted the criminal operation. The total value of recovered property stands at $33.2 million, which would have been lost if the vehicles had reached their foreign destinations.

Seized Property

  • Transport Trucks: Three transport trucks used for moving stolen vehicles.
  • Stolen Bobcats: Two stolen Bobcats were also recovered and seized as offense-related property.

Public Appeal

The police have urged anyone with information related to the suspects or the criminal operation to contact them at 95453 2121 extension 3313 of the Commercial Auto Crime Bureau.


The ongoing investigation has dealt a significant blow to the criminal operation responsible for stealing and exporting vehicles from Ontario. With 16 arrests and 340 charges laid, the police continue to work towards dismantling this organized crime network.


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