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Michael Richards: Life After the Spotlight (Video)


Michael Richards, famously known for his role as Cosmo Kramer on “Seinfeld,” re-emerged into the public eye after a long hiatus. He recently discussed his new memoir, “Entrances and Exits,” and reflected on his career and personal life during an interview on “The View.”

The Return to Public Life

Richards has been largely absent from the public eye for many years. His return is marked by the release of his memoir, inspired by a journey of self-reflection at the age of 74.

Writing “Entrances and Exits”

Richards describes his memoir as a journey through his memories and experiences, including his creation of the iconic character Kramer. The book’s title, inspired by Shakespeare, reflects the comings and goings that define his life and career.

The 2006 Incident and Its Consequences

Richards addressed the infamous racial tirade at the Laugh Factory in 2006. He explained that during a late-night comedy set, he responded to a heckler with racial slurs, an incident he deeply regrets. Richards acknowledges the severity of his actions and has spent years reflecting and apologizing.

Cancel Culture vs. Consequence Culture

Richards discusses the concept of cancel culture, stating he believes in consequence culture. He acknowledges the consequences he has faced, including stepping away from the public eye for 18 years.

Anger and Personal Growth

Richards admits that anger still exists within him but emphasizes his personal growth over the years. He recognizes the importance of addressing his anger and the broader implications of his actions.

Highs of His Career

Richards reminisces about his time on “Seinfeld,” highlighting the physicality and eccentricity he brought to the character of Kramer. He shares how his dedication to the role influenced the character’s unique traits, such as sanding down his shoes to perfect Kramer’s entrances.

Relationship with Jerry Seinfeld

Richards reflects on his close relationship with co-star Jerry Seinfeld. Seinfeld described Richards’ performance as Kramer as one of the most beautiful views in comedy. Richards recounts their off-screen interactions, which often mirrored their on-screen dynamic.

Battling Prostate Cancer

In 2018, Richards was diagnosed with life-threatening prostate cancer. He underwent successful surgery and is now healthy. Richards’ motivation to survive was driven by his desire to be there for his family, especially his young son, Antonio.


Richards’ return to the spotlight is marked by his memoir, “Entrances and Exits.” His journey of self-reflection and personal growth has brought him back to share his story. As Richards reintegrates into public life, he carries the lessons learned from his past experiences.


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