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New Yorkers React to Trump’s Shocking Verdict (Video)

Retired Judge’s Perspective

  • Judge Grasso emphasizes the historical significance of Trump’s conviction, predicting it will be discussed for centuries.

Reactions in Lower Manhattan

  • Teresa Perillo reports from Lower Manhattan, noting a divided reaction in Collect Pond Park.
  • The park is split between Trump supporters and opponents, with vocal demonstrations from both sides.

Public Sentiment

  • Many people in the area are discussing the verdict, including a surprised mail carrier who learned about the news during her route.
  • The public reaction is intense, with people expressing strong opinions on both sides.

Opinions from the Crowd

  • Anti-Trump sentiment includes signs reading “Lock Him Up” and “Don the Felon.”
  • One person states, “Finally, some accountability,” while a nearby Trump supporter yells, “Lies, lies, it’s all lies.”

Concerns About Political Motives

  • Some believe the conviction is politically motivated to prevent Trump from running for the presidency again.

Shock and Skepticism

  • A person expresses shock at the guilty verdict, doubting that someone of Trump’s status will actually serve jail time.
  • There’s skepticism about whether Trump will ever see the inside of a jail cell.

Mixed Gatherings

  • The crowd includes both regular attendees and those who came specifically to witness the historic moment.

Trump’s Political Future

  • Despite the conviction, Trump remains competitive in polls and the conviction does not bar him from running for office or being elected.
  • According to the NYCLU, Trump’s voting rights would be restored after serving his sentence, allowing him to potentially serve from prison.

Ongoing Support

  • Many of Trump’s supporters continue to gather, hoping to see him and show their support despite the lack of a public statement from Trump.


  • The scene in Lower Manhattan reflects a nation divided, with passionate reactions on both sides of the political spectrum. The future implications of the verdict remain uncertain.


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