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Newsmax, Trump Bible Sales

Former President Donald Trump has once again found himself at the center of controversy, this time for his foray into selling branded products, including Bibles. Newsmax, a conservative news outlet, aired a segment dissecting this issue, with host Jesse Dollemore providing critical analysis of Trump’s actions and the responses they garnered.

Newsmax Defends Trump's Bible Sales

Dollemore scrutinized Trump’s track record of capitalizing on his brand for financial gain, citing examples such as Trump University and the recent venture into Bible sales. Of particular concern was Trump’s collaboration with music icon Lee Greenwood to market the “God Bless the USA Bible” at $60, prompting Dollemore to question the underlying motives behind this endeavor.

In his critique, Dollemore took aim at Newsmax, labeling it a propaganda outlet and accusing it of unquestioningly supporting Trump’s ventures. He showcased clips of Newsmax anchors defending Trump’s Bible sales, framing them as a defense of Christianity against perceived attacks from the left.

The segment also featured Greenwood expressing pride in Trump’s proclamation of being a Christian, prioritizing the significance of Trump’s words over his actions. Dollemore, however, condemned this superficial approach to defining Christianity, arguing that mere verbal assertions without tangible demonstrations of faith were insufficient.

Moreover, Dollemore highlighted the irony of invoking the Founding Fathers in the context of Trump’s Bible sales, pointing out the constitutional principle of separation of church and state. This served as a stark contrast to the narrative of Christian nationalism propagated by certain factions on the political right.

Dollemore underscored the importance of critical analysis and scrutiny, especially within the realms of politics and media. The segment served as a reminder of the intricate nuances inherent in discussions surrounding religion, politics, and the media landscape.


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