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NH Investigators Dig for Clues in Newport Cold Case – Major Breakthrough? (video)

In a surprising turn of events, New Hampshire investigators have initiated a search in Newport, seeking physical evidence related to a cold case.

NH Investigators Dig for Clues in Newport Cold Case – Major Breakthrough?

This unexpected development has sparked significant interest and speculation among the local community and those connected to unsolved crimes in the area.

Unanticipated Search Effort

The search began abruptly, catching many off guard, including those closely following cold cases in the region. According to sources, the investigators are acting on court-authorized search warrants that are currently under seal.

The authorities have yet to disclose which specific cold case they are investigating.

Possible Link to Connecticut River Valley Serial Killings

News Nine Investigates has reported that the search may be linked to the Connecticut River Valley serial killings, which occurred during the late 1970s and 1980s.

These unsolved murders have haunted the area for decades, and any new development in these cases garners immediate attention. This afternoon, investigators were seen taking photographs of what appeared to be an old rug, which could potentially hold significant evidence.

Jane Borowski’s Perspective

Jane Borowski, a survivor of the Connecticut River Valley attacks, received a call from state police informing her about the search.

Borowski was brutally stabbed 27 times while seven months pregnant in Swansea in 1988, a crime that fits the profile of the serial killer responsible for the Connecticut River Valley murders.

Borowski has remained hopeful for justice over the years, despite no suspects being officially identified in her case.

“I’m trying not to get emotional about it because, you know, there have been so many persons of interest over the years, no real suspects. I’m always hopeful,” Borowski shared.

Other Families Notified

In addition to Borowski, other families connected to unsolved cases have been notified about the ongoing search.

Julie Murray, the sister of Maura Murray who disappeared in 2004, confirmed that her family has been in contact with investigators and is aware of the search efforts.

This outreach indicates the investigators’ thorough approach in keeping affected families informed about potential new developments.

Current Status and Future Updates

As of now, the Attorney General’s Office has not provided specific details regarding the case under investigation. The community remains on edge, eagerly awaiting further updates that could shed light on the decades-old mystery.


This renewed search effort in Newport has reignited hope for those affected by the Connecticut River Valley serial killings and other cold cases.

As investigators continue their work, the public remains vigilant, hopeful that new evidence will finally bring closure to these long-unsolved crimes.


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