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North Carolina Lawmaker Faces Backlash Over Racist Question (Video)

Incident During House Session

During a North Carolina House session, Representative Larry Pittman (R-Cabarrus) interrupted Representative Derwin Montgomery (D-Forsyth) with a racially charged question.

The Question

Pittman questioned Montgomery’s academic achievements, suggesting that Montgomery might have only been able to attend Harvard University because he was an athlete or a minority. He stated, “Would you have been able to maybe achieve this if you were not an athlete or a minority?”

Immediate Reaction

Montgomery expressed shock at the implication, questioning whether his achievements were being undermined due to his race and athletic status.

Point of Order

Representative Kandie Smith (D-Pitt) raised a point of order, objecting to the question’s racist undertones. The Speaker of the House acknowledged the point of order and moved to address the situation.

Montgomery’s Response

Despite the interruption, Montgomery maintained his composure and addressed the question directly. He stated that he graduated in rank two out of five at Harvard, indicating that he earned his place through merit.

Conclusion of the Session

Following the incident, the session continued, but the exchange highlighted ongoing issues of racial bias and the challenges faced by minority legislators in the North Carolina House.

Public and Legislative Reaction

The incident received widespread attention, prompting discussions on racial sensitivity and the need for respectful discourse in legislative proceedings. The public reaction included calls for greater accountability and training to prevent such incidents in the future.


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