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Outrage Over French MP’s Racist Comments (Video)


A recent incident in the French Parliament has sparked significant outrage and calls for accountability after a racist comment was made by a member of the assembly. The incident underscores the ongoing issues of racism and privilege within society.

Incident in French Parliament

Carlos Bongo, a member of the French Parliament, stood to question the safety of migrants in the Mediterranean Sea. During the debate, Grégoire de Fournas of the National Rally directed a comment towards Bongo, telling him to “Go back to Africa.”

Misinterpretation and Apology

De Fournas claimed that his statement was misinterpreted and was meant to address migrants, not Bongo personally. Despite his apology, the comment was widely condemned.

Historical Context of Racism

The demand for black people to “go back to Africa” is deeply rooted in the historical context of colonialism, slavery, and migration. It reflects the persistent racism and privilege in society.

Contributions of the African Diaspora

Despite being forcibly displaced through the transatlantic slave trade and colonial exploitation, black people have made significant contributions to societies worldwide.

Hypocrisy of Colonial Histories

The comment highlights the hypocrisy of colonial histories where white people colonized, exploited, and displaced populations globally. The selective amnesia of these histories adds to the injustice of such demands.

Call for Action

French Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne called for action against racism, urging the nation to decide whether it will be a beacon of hope or repeat past mistakes.


This incident is not just about one individual or one assembly but about the broader issue of racism and white supremacy. It emphasizes the need to challenge and dismantle such attitudes actively.

Community Engagement

The African Diaspora News Channel encourages viewers to engage in discussions and share their thoughts on this issue.


The incident in the French Parliament has highlighted the ongoing struggles against racism and the need for continued vigilance and action to ensure equality and justice for all.


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