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Police Expose $46k Bank Fraud Scheme (Video)

Incident Overview

On February 12, 2024, officers responded to a credit union following a report of suspected bank fraud. The situation involved a complex scheme of transferring large sums of money between accounts and attempting to withdraw them.

Initial Interaction

Officers detained a woman inside the credit union who was attempting to withdraw $10,000. The woman, visibly anxious and uncomfortable around the police, requested to call her mother. Officers explained she was not under arrest but detained pending investigation.

Branch Manager’s Report

The branch manager informed the officers that significant funds had been transferred into the woman’s account, with similar patterns observed in other accounts. The credit union’s risk and compliance department had blocked these suspicious transactions, preventing further withdrawals.

Suspect’s Defense

The detained woman expressed discomfort due to a previous incident involving the police and her brother. She claimed she was unaware of the fraudulent nature of the transactions and insisted that she had only tried to withdraw money deposited into her account by another person named Jeff, who had promised to help her “flip” her money.

Details of the Fraud

The scheme involved opening new accounts, transferring funds from elderly victims’ accounts via internet banking, and then withdrawing the funds at different branches. The woman, along with another individual, had withdrawn substantial amounts of money in this manner.

Officer’s Assessment

The officers, after gathering sufficient evidence, including surveillance footage and testimonies, concluded that the woman was part of an organized scheme involving multiple participants. They found that she had handed over her account details and card to the fraud’s orchestrator.

Charges and Arrest

The woman was charged with bank fraud, organized scheme to defraud, and grand theft. Despite her insistence that she was a victim of the orchestrator, the evidence suggested her active participation in the fraud. She was subsequently arrested and taken into custody.


This case highlights the complexity of modern bank fraud schemes and the challenges faced by law enforcement in uncovering and prosecuting such crimes. The collaboration between credit union staff and police was crucial in preventing further financial losses and bringing the perpetrators to justice.


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