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Prisoner’s Love Ones Using Drones to Import Drugs and Weapons, Shocking Raid Results (Video)

A comprehensive raid at Fulton County Jail, coordinated by the sheriff’s office, has uncovered a startling amount of contraband, including drugs, weapons, and cell phones.

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This event has highlighted significant security challenges and the sophisticated methods used by inmates to acquire illegal items.

The Role of Drones in Contraband Smuggling

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office has identified drones as a major conduit for smuggling contraband into the jail. During the raid, numerous items such as cell phones, drugs, and tobacco were discovered, which are believed to have been delivered via drone drops.

The inventive yet illicit use of drones for delivering contraband directly into the jail premises has escalated the issues surrounding prison security.

Overview of the Raid

The recent operation was initiated early in the morning and involved multiple teams from the sheriff’s office. These teams were not only comprised of jail staff but also included personnel from other departments, highlighting the importance and scale of the raid.

The first significant discovery was made almost immediately upon entering a high-security zone on the seventh floor, where a cell phone with a charger was found. This area had been under scrutiny for suspected high drone activity.

Contraband Seized

Throughout the duration of the raid, the strike team seized an alarming array of contraband:

  • Communication Devices: 22 illegal cell phones were found, which are highly valuable within the jail environment.
  • Drugs: Various substances, including suspected marijuana and a variety of pills, were confiscated. A notable seizure included a bottle labeled as promethazine, a prescription medication.
  • Tobacco: Multiple packages of tobacco, which like other contraband, can fetch a high price inside the facility.
  • Weapons: Numerous makeshift weapons were discovered. These included shanks and a makeshift hatchet, fashioned from materials like plumbing and lighting fixtures found within the jail itself.

Innovative but Illegal Ingenuity

The inmates’ ingenuity in creating and hiding contraband was evident from the variety and nature of items recovered. Some of the more creative methods involved modifying commissary kiosk components into charging stations for cell phones and altering window structures to facilitate drone deliveries.

This level of ingenuity, although misguided, showcases the lengths to which inmates will go to circumvent prison security systems.

Implications for Jail Security

The findings from the raid have profound implications for the security protocols at Fulton County Jail. The sheriff’s office has acknowledged the need for more frequent and thorough shakedowns to prevent the influx of contraband.

The event also underscores the ongoing challenges that modern technology, such as drones, poses to prison security. There is now a heightened focus on developing more effective countermeasures against such sophisticated smuggling tactics.


The raid at Fulton County Jail serves as a crucial reminder of the persistent and evolving challenge of maintaining security within correctional facilities.

The use of drones for smuggling has introduced a new frontier in contraband delivery, necessitating innovative solutions from law enforcement.

As technology advances, so too must the strategies to combat these illegal activities, ensuring the safety and security of both inmates and staff at correctional institutions.


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