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Putnam County Man Shocked by Unauthorized Property Listing! (video)

William, a Putnam County resident, experienced a shocking revelation when he discovered his property was listed for sale online without his consent. This unusual incident came to light when a potential buyer arrived at his property, expressing interest in making a purchase.

Putnam County Man Shocked by Unauthorized Property Listing!

An Unwanted Surprise Visit

The unexpected encounter occurred while William was tending to his garden, a place where he grows fruits, vegetables, and edible plants.

He was startled to see a large truck pull into his driveway, and a man emerged, expressing interest in buying the property listed on Zillow. This was the first time William became aware of the unauthorized listing.

Investigation by News4Jax

News4Jax’s consumer investigator, Tiffany Sallam, took a closer look at this perplexing situation. According to William, he has never intended to sell his property, which he bought 10 years ago and passionately maintains.

The incident left him feeling violated and angry, knowing someone had impersonated him and listed his beloved property for sale without his knowledge.

Fake Listing Details

The Zillow listing showed the property as pending sale for $75,000. However, the listing was removed after the unauthorized nature of the sale was discovered.

The real estate agent involved, Marcia, explained that the buyer came through an online lead generator tool from The person posing as William did not provide proper identification when completing the listing paperwork, which raised suspicions.

Realtor’s Perspective and Investigation

Marcia, the realtor, felt equally victimized, as her reputation and that of her brokerage, EXP Realty, were potentially tarnished by this fraudulent activity. EXP Realty has initiated an investigation into the matter, but did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Industry Accountability and Ethical Concerns

This incident highlights significant concerns about accountability and ethical standards within the real estate industry. William hopes the industry will take stronger measures to prevent such scams. He emphasizes the importance of having ethical codes in place and rigorous verification processes to mitigate these types of crimes.

Response from

News4Jax contacted for a comment regarding the incident. stated they are actively investigating the situation to determine what went wrong and to prevent similar occurrences in the future. They also attempted to contact the individual who impersonated William, but his phone number did not lead to any resolution.


This case underscores the need for stringent measures in the real estate sector to protect property owners from fraudulent activities.

William’s experience serves as a cautionary tale, urging both realtors and property owners to be vigilant and proactive in safeguarding against such scams.


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