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Bun B Breaks Down in Emotional Testimony in Court Against Home Invasion Suspect (video)

Bun B’s Recount Terrifying Home Invasion

In a tense and emotional day at the Harris County Criminal Courthouse, rap legend Bun B (legal name Bernard Freeman) and his wife, Chevalier “Queenie” Freeman, gave their testimonies during the sentencing phase of the trial for Demonte Jackson. Jackson, 25, has pled guilty to aggravated robbery and burglary with intent to commit another offense following a violent home invasion at the Freemans’ residence in 2019.

Dramatic Confrontation with Armed Intruder

The dramatic incident, which made headlines at the time, saw Bun B shooting the armed intruder. During today’s court session, the Freemans recounted the terrifying ordeal, describing how Jackson forced his way into their home, put a gun to Queenie’s head, and demanded valuables, including their car. Bun B, who was upstairs at the time, armed himself and confronted Jackson, leading to a shootout in the family garage. Jackson was shot and later arrested at a hospital where he sought treatment for his injuries.

Defense Testimonies Highlight Mental Health Struggles

In court, Jackson’s parents testified about their son’s mental health struggles and his IQ of 81, pleading for leniency. His father painted a picture of a once-promising high school football star who lacked discipline, attributing some blame to his own shortcomings as a parent.

Courtroom Atmosphere Highly Charged

The courtroom atmosphere was highly charged, especially during a poignant moment when Queenie entered the garage during the confrontation and began screaming. This led to a brief recess to calm the situation.

Upcoming Sentencing

As the trial continues, with two more defense witnesses scheduled to testify tomorrow morning, the judge is expected to issue a sentence soon after. The case has not only highlighted the harrowing experience of the Freeman family but also the complexities surrounding the defendant’s background and mental health.


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